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* John Sankey and Brett Noordin begin writing material and form Devolved in Queensland, Australia.
* Mark Walpole (guitar) and Joel Graham (vocals/bass) complete the bands line-up.


* Devolved begin playing live shows throughout the local area.
* A 4 track demo entitled 'Truth' is recorded.

- Nik Carpenter joins the band on lead vocals.
- A 2 track promotional cd is recorded featuring the songs 'Fallen Cities' and 'Aversive Control'. The tracks begin getting regular airplay on various Australia wide radio programmes including the country's largest station, JJJ fm.
- Devolved are now headlining their own live shows and are gaining widespread national attention.


* The band begin headlining their own interstate shows in various parts of Australia.
* Devolved take time out from their hectic live schedule and begin recording their much anticipated debut album.


* Devolved release 'Technologies' Australia wide through Biotek Records and MGM.
* 'Technologies' receives phenomenal reviews from the press and Devolved gain instant recognition as one of the countries top metal acts. The band begin extensive national headlining tours to promote the newly released album, the tours include both club shows and festival performances.
* 'Technologies' is voted the best metal release of the year and Devolved are voted best metal act of the year on JJJ fm's national award show which has a listening audience of over 1.5 million people.
* 'Technologies' is also voted album of the year by readers in Outsider magazine, one of the countries largest alternative music press publications.
* Devolved film a video clip for the track 'Distorted' which instantly receives high rotation play on various music television stations.


* A fan suffers a severe epileptic seizure during a live Devolved performance in Brisbane. After combating legal threats over the incident, Devolved are now forced to include epilepsy warnings on all releases and promotional material.
* Devolved become the first and only extreme metal act to be featured on national daytime radio when JJJ fm begin an advertising campaign to promote the bands album and increasingly rapid success.
* Wayde Dunn replaces Joel Graham on bass.
* Devolved receive widespread international label interest and signs deals with UK based record company Copro records and 1138 records in Japan.
* 'Technologies' is released throughout the UK, Europe and Japan.
* Devolved return to the studio to record the follow up release which came in the form of an e.p. titled "Automation 001". The limited edition e.p. is released Australia wide only and featured 3 brand new studio tracks, as well as a live demo version of “Fallen Cities”, it also included a cd rom component with live footage, interviews and band images, as well as the film clip for “Distorted”. Reviews of the e.p. quickly confirmed Devolved to be Australia's premier metal band.
* Devolved perform over 50 shows in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia as part of their 'World Chaos' tour. The band plays their own headlining club shows, festival appearances and perform with bands such as Machine Head, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Arch Enemy and Opeth.


* Drummer John Sankey relocates to Los Angeles for the duration of the year, where he begins work on a project with former Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares. - Devolved concentrate on writing the full-length follow up to the hugely successful 'Technologies' and 'Automation 001' releases.
* John Sankey returns to Australia in late 2003 and pre-production begins for what was now becoming one of the most anticipated metal releases in recent years.
* Patrick Brown is added to the Devolved line-up as the bands sampler.


* Devolved begin recording their second full-length studio album and are offered a deal with Sony Records Australia and Modern Music due to the bands overwhelming success and sales figures. Devolved become the first and only extreme metal band to be associated with Sony Music in Australia. - Devolved release 'Calculated' Australia wide, and once again receive overwhelmingly positive reviews.
* John Sankey and Brett Noordin travel to the USA for a number of record company meetings and it is decided they will relocate to America where they will base the band to pursue further international success.
* Devolved perform headlining shows throughout Australia as part of the 'Calculated' tour. The band is on the road consistently for a number of months playing to sold-out venues in all major cities and regional areas of the country.


* Devolved perform a series of one-off sold out shows throughout Australia as part of a farewell tour before leaving to the USA.
* John Sankey, Brett Noordin and Patrick Brown relocate permanently to Los Angeles and solidify the current Devolved line-up, which includes Brett Carpio on guitar, Leighton Kearns on bass and x-Deadsett singer Kyle Zamenek on lead vocals.
* Devolved are currently rehearsing intensively and will begin performing throughout the USA in early 2006.

Source : http://www.devolved.net/History.asp