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CRIONICS formed in January 1997 with the line-up of Michal Skotniczny (voc, g), Dariusz Styczeñ (g), Marek Kowalski (bg) and Maciek Ziêba (dr) to play fast yet melodious metal. A year later the band recorded five compositions on a 4-tracker, but due to the poor quality of the material they never saw the light of day. Another six months later, the band decided to enter a local studio near Kraków to recorded their 4-track "Demo "98" comprising "Mystic Past," "Pagan Strength," "Black Warriors," and EMPEROR"s cover "I Am The Black Wizards." Although the sound quality still left a lot to be desired, the band decided to spread the tape anyway. The line-up played several live dates which, in turn, lead to hiring a keyboard player who would round up the sound - Wac³aw Borowiec was brought into the fold and the stage sound started to resemble what the band achieved in the studio. In late 1999, due to both musical and personal reasons, Dariusz Styczeñ had to leave the band to be replaced by Bartosz Bielewicz. Bielewicz took part in the recording of the next material entitled "Beyond The Blazing Horizon" which comprises "Episode Of The Falling Star," "Fireland," "Waterfalls Of Darkness," "There Was Neither Ground Nor Firmament (Precipice Gaped)" as well as an intro and an outro. In 2000 this 20-minute material was released on Demonic Records as a mini-LP; currently, following the label"s sinking, it is available directly from the band as a CD-R. Late 2000 marked the departure of Maciek Ziêba, who several months later was replaced by Maciek Kowalski, previously active in Krakow"s TROMSNAR. The line-up shuffles were complete in August 2001 with the departure of Bartosz Bielewicz. In early 2002 the CRIONICS resumed live appearances - they are always on the lookout for more dates. Before summer, the band finished writing their new tracks, which brought them a contract with Empire Record. The debut album entitled "Human Error (Ways To Self-destruction)" was recorded between 12 and 23 August 2002 in the Hertz Studio. The album comprises the following tracks: "Satanic Syndrome 666," "Waterfalls Of Darkness," "Lunatic Gate," "Hallowed Whores," "Crionics," "Episode Of The Falling Star," "Matrix Of Piety," "Precipice Gaped," "Sacrosanct Strength," and "Indoctrination Procedure." During the session the band also recorded the cover of CARPATHIAN FOREST"s self-titled track. The album came out on 25 November 2002 as a special bonus with the THRASH"EM ALL magazine. Soon afterwards, the band embarked on their first promotional tour as a support for BEHEMOTH, DARKANE and FRONTSIDE. On stage, the band is helped by Yanuary (THY DISEASE, ANAL STENCH) on guitars. (Source: Empire Records)