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Azagatel was born in September 1995 with Hrödulf (Vocals), Nomad (Guitar), Tó Zé (Guitar), Batata (Bass) and Sú (Drums) and did his first concert in a local bar in 28th December 1996, after some changes in the Line-up, we start to work in the first demo CD "Middle Earth" with the following line up: Hrödulf (Vocals), Nomad (Guitar), Marco (Bass), Zé Leão (Keyboards) and Greendevil (Drums).
In the beginning of 2001, Morte join the band and we record the album Nautilus, after two year Caos X join Us to the place of bassist, several gigs are made before the recording of Horned God EP in early 2005.
After the recording we start to have some problems with the line-up and Greendevil left the band in 2007.
In the beginning of 2008 was released a split tape with Dagor Dagorath called Olokun and limited to 150 copies.
Year 2009, we found a new drummer and start to compose new music…

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