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ABNORMALITY is a french metal project originally launched in july 1989 by Jean-François Terrabon (Jeff) with two of his friends (Laurent Torres on guitars & Pierre Perrin on drums). The band's original name was ThalliuM but changed quickly to EXPIATION (early 1991), ABEYANCE (late 1991) and then ABNORMALITY (1994). As the Thrash Metal was beginning to rise from many other movements, it was an ambitious challenge just to find musicians interested in such a rude & technical style. Hence, the band toured in order to gain more & more experience on stage. However, the turn over in the band was too fast to allow musical stability, even if the songs were there. The project finally ended in 1997 and Jeff still says that the lack of "motivated musicians" which threatened the band from the beginning, was always the main problem! The man was following a musicology cursus in parallel and finally done with his degree in 1999.


After the end of his band, Jeff worked in a management office (Backstage Productions) to promote local bands until 2003. Nothing at this time was a sign for him to relaunch his old Heavy Thrash project until he met in late 2003, through a common friend (Gabriel Torres, who will help the band with his vocals), a young guitar player (Bob Saliba) who was following scientific studies at the university. They both decided to bring back ABNORMALITY to life. They began to compose new songs and planned recording sessions for an album. Jeff was working at the Archipel Productions studio at this time and many sessions were made in this studio. Additionnal musicians brought their own contribution to the band which was then composed by:
Jeff Terrabon (Rhythm Guitar)
Bob Saliba (Lead Guitar)
Tom Bereni (Bass Guitar)
Gabriel Torres and then Seb Daspet (Vocals)


The album is almost finished now and the band is actually looking for a new singer to bring the final stone to the manor. This 1st effort is a combination of original influences in the band, from powerful and insane instruments and voices to classical guitars interludes

Source : http://www.facebook.com/pages/ABNORMALITY/63692205648