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A Bullet For Pretty Boy is a post-hardcore band formed in 2006 in Longview, Texas was formed by several close friends in the band decided to name themselves after the notorious bank robber Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd in December 2006 that the band had its first show and nobody came ... A bullet for Pretty Boy has not looked back since followed up by their own released EP "Beauty in the eye of the beholder 'next year

With some solid experience on their backs and clear road in front of a bullet for Pretty Boy finally feels like a complete set They have poured all their energy into this project, and absolutely love writing Recelning, and especially perform their music, "We've had our struggles in the past the band has not?" says guitarist Derrick Sechrist "But every time we come up on stage and feel the energy of the crowd, we know that we are doing something special that energy that is our fuel is what drives us to excel "Dissemination of the amazing message of Jesus Christ among a traditionally disillusioned young people deserve at least a second look" We understand that the message of Satan is complicated, "adds keyboardist Joshua Modisette" But we understand the importance of his message is an uplifting inspirational message and a critical balance of violence and nihilism that dominates the scene today, we know it "; Time people started caring about the message again and weknow that with his help we can make that happen "

ABFPB signed the Artery Recordings (distributed by Razor & Tie) in December 2009 and plans to release a full album later in 2010 The band will tour in May and June 2010 Welcome to the Circus Asking Alexandria Tour with We came as Romans From First to Last, and our last night

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