Ian Paice

Nombre Ian Paice
Birth date 1948
Paîs United-Kingdom
Ciudad desconocido


1979 1982 The Band's Page

Ian Anderson Paice (born June 29, 1948; Nottingham, England) made his name as drummer with seminal heavy rock band Deep Purple. As of Jon Lord's departure in 2002, he is the only founding member of the band still performing with the group.

Born in Nottingham, England his family moved to Bicester in Oxfordshire.

He was originally interested in playing the violin, but switched to drums at the age of 15. He once recalled: "Eventually I bought a kit for 32 pound and went round accompanying my father who was a pianist playing waltzes and quicksteps. It was a wee bit insipid but it was a start."[1]

Heavily influenced by Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and other jazz drummers, Ian is one of the few hard rock drummers who uses swing and jazz inflections in his powerhouse style.[citation needed] He is also left-handed.

He was the drummer in a local Bicester group called "Georgie and the Rave ons". The group later changed their name to "The Shindigs". Ian left the "shindigs" to join a group called "MI5" later renamed "The Maze".