Cristian Machado

Nombre Cristian Machado
Birth date 1974
Paîs Brazil
Ciudad desconocido

Ill Niño

Cristian Machado (born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1974) is the vocalist for the band Ill Niño. He has also played in Headclamp and La Familia, in addition to making numerous guest appearances on albums such as Soulfly's 3 and 40 Below Summer's The Mourning After.

Cristian was born as the son of a Brazilian musician , but soon moved to Venezuela with his mother. In 1986 they moved to New Jersey where he spent the rest of his teens. He only knew his father halfway through his teenage years. His mother told him his stepfather was his father,and he found out only when his father called him, and told him he was his real father. Being immature at that time, he told his father he did not want to see him. Nowadays, he communicates with his father through e-mail and phone.