Anders Björler

Nombre Anders Björler
Birth date 1973
Paîs Sweden
Ciudad desconocido

Infestation (SWE)

At The Gates

From 1990 Until 1996 The Band's Page

The Haunted

Liers In Wait

Anders Björler (born 26 February 1973) is a musician from Sweden. He is the current lead guitarist for heavy metal band The Haunted, and he was the lead guitarist for the well-known melodic death metal band At the Gates until their breakup. He joined them in his former position on a reunion tour in 2007. He is also a film director and editor, running his own company At The Gates Production.

Music Biography
At the Gates (1990-1996 & Reunion 2008)

Heralded as one of the fathers of Gothenburg melodic death metal, he led At the Gates, an influential and popular death metal band. A founding member of At the Gates with his twin brother Jonas Björler, Tomas Lindberg, Alf Svensson, and Adrian Erlandsson, he wrote much of their material and went on to inspire many to follow their style of music.

In 1996 at the end of the European tours of their final album Slaughter of the Soul, At the Gates split up and Anders started a band with Jonas, guitarist Patrik Jensen, and drummer Erlandsson called The Haunted. They released their first album, the self-titled The Haunted in 1998.

In October 2007, At the Gates announced a final reunion for 2008, playing major European music festivals along with US / Japanese & Swedish tours.
The Haunted (1996-)

The band released their first album, while signed to Earache Records, the selftitled debut The Haunted, in 1998. Since then, the band has released a new studio album almost every other year. They did their first ever American tour with Testament in 1999, and has since then toured all over the world. For instance, they were a part of the 2005 edition of Ozzfest.