Within One

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Band Name Dreaming Dead
Album Name Within One
Type Album
Data de aparición 20 Enero 2009
Estilo MusicalMelodic Death
Miembros poseen este álbum8


1. Stairs into the Vortex
2. Within One
3. Putrid Is the Sky
4. Shadows in the Dark
5. Cursed
6. War Machine
7. Perpetual Pretext
8. Manslaughter

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Crónica @ Vinrock666

21 Marzo 2009
Dreaming Dead's first full length album, 2009's "Within One" takes traditional death metal to a new dimension by blending other metallic flavors to its already potent mix. While the drumming thunders towards a death-like aggression ("War Machine", "Perpetual Protest", and "Within One"), it's the rhythm guitar that provides the most dominant second dimension - thrash. The album on the whole most undoubtedly benefits from songs and movements that feature the thrash element from the rhythm section ("Shadows In The Dark", "Perpetual Protest", and "Manslaughter" are great examples). Dreaming Dead, although L.A. based, has also incorporated the patented compositional style of the Swedish progressive black/death metal movement by providing a number of tracks that feature soft interludes within the respective pieces (the introduction to "Manslaugher", plus "Putrid Is The Sky" and "Shadows In The Dark" are the most noteable). All put together, Dreaming Dead is polished death, or technically enhanced death, or just simply a better hybrid of metal. The lead vocalist's screaming is typically high pitched (quite "Filthy", to be sure), but it is often layered with a lowered fifth or octave to give the voice much needed depth. The solos are almost inaudible, but fortunately there are only a few. Lastly, the bass line is not only thin, but its often played behind the rhythm. The most notable exception; however, is when the music goes clean. That's when the bass shines brightest. Still, the overall strenghs totally outweigh any perceived weaknesses, making Dreaming Dead's "Within One" a most solid metal accomplishment.

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