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Band Name Revenge (COL)
Album Name Vendetta
Type Album
Data de aparición 25 Noviembre 2012
Estilo MusicalSpeed Heavy
Miembros poseen este álbum6


1. Vendetta 03:50
2. Deal My Soul with Satan 03:41
3. Maniac Behavior 03:46
4. Possessed by Devil Music 04:08
5. Renegade 04:19
6. Wail from the Crypts 04:37
7. Sadistics Perversions 03:28
8. Riding in Hell 03:50
9. Confessa Tuoi Peccati 01:51
Total playing time 33:30

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Comentario @ iwillzaehnchen

28 Agosto 2013

One of the best Speed/Thrash Metal album in the last years

How stupid can a market economy: In Europe, praising us half-baked bands as the next big thing and fills festival and tour Billings average, and in Colombia revive Revenge since their third album in 2009 a style of music with a mad enthusiasm that is since 25 years actually almost dead than the euro today!
And as if two strong albums in a row is not enough, the Speed ??/ Thrash formation your previous albums tops quite loose and bring us with the opener "Vendetta" just the coolest shit since MYSTIKs "THE PLOT SICKENS" - Masterpiece 1992 out, the whole thing in addition to the end and thrilled with "My Soul Deal with Satan", "Possessed By Devil's Music" and me a little of Chastain's "Ruler of The Waistland" reminiscent "Renegade" by horny hooks and rousing choruses! Arrow Quick, very accurate, with brilliant guitar work and especially despite Old School Metal fresh sounding sets you up a memorial.
Sure, there are other albums in traditional variety that can keep up with "Vendetta" or beat it, but you can count on than two hands, only "BONDED BY BLOOD", "KILL EM ALL", "SOUTH OF HEAVEN "REIGN iN BLOOD", "HEAVY METAL MANIAC", "DOOMSDAY FOR THE DECEIVER", "ALICE iN HELL" and "THE PLOT SICKENS" here comes in terms of compromise, spirit and intensity!
The measure of all things in terms of speed / thrash?
Clearly Revenge at the moment!

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swit35 - 04 Octubre 2013: I agree with you man... This band kills. No weak track on this album... I am convinced that we have here one of the TOP 20 masterpiece in Thrash Metal.
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