Unleash the Carnivore

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Band Name Devourment (USA)
Album Name Unleash the Carnivore
Type Album
Data de aparición 26 Junio 2009
Labels Brutal Bands
Estilo MusicalBrutal Death
Miembros poseen este álbum80


1. Unleash the Carnivores 03:37
2. Abomination Unseen 04:53
3. Fed to the Pigs 04:00
4. Incitement to Mass Murder 03:40
5. Crucify the Impure 04:35
6. Deflesh the Abducted 04:49
7. Over Her Dead Body 03:04
8. Field of the Impaled 05:48
Total playing time 34:26

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Crónica @ Crinn

19 Diciembre 2011

Unleash the Brutality!!

[Originally posted November 30, 2011]

I’ve known about Devourment for quite a long time. But I never really looked them up until I saw their logo on the shirt of the vocalist for Cerebral Bore. I’ve been aware that Devourment’s popularity has been gradually increasing over the years, and has gotten to the point to where they are headlining shows. So I figured why not? So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Devourment, they’re from Dallas, Texas and have been around since the mid 90’s. I have also heard from numerous places that they are one of the most brutal bands of all time. And the only way for me to believe that is to hear it for myself.

The first track took me by surprise. I have never heard such a brutal explosion in my life. And in order for you to know what kind of “explosion” I’m talking about, click the YouTube link at the bottom of the review, it’s not something that won’t surprise you. These guys are chaotic to the point to where it’s worse than Skinless and Cattle Decapitation (which is saying a lot!). The amount of brutal bands in my collection has been rapidly expanding since my discovery of Disentomb’s debut album in late 2010. I got this album about in the late summertime in 2011, so I’ve been listening to Devourment for a couple of months.

My favorite musician is definitely their drummer. He is one of the craziest and most chaotic drummers in the history of mankind. He has one of the fastest blastbeats, and he’s one of the most creative and inventive death metal drummers in history. He has a big drum set, and he uses all of it in every single song. It should be obvious to anyone that he knows what he’s doing and that he means business.

The vocalist is really good too. He does really deep inhales that sound like he’s inhaling more gently, which will lengthen the time it takes for his throat to get fucked up. Just to let you all know, I know that inhaled vocals are bad for you; there is no “right” way to do inhales like there is with exhales. I rarely like the sound of inhales, and don’t get me wrong, doing a pigsqueal every once in a while isn’t gonna hurt you at all, it’s when you have inhales as your primary vocal style where you’ll get screwed over within 4 years if you do it enough. So I’m not a huge supporter of the whole inhaling thing, but I can’t control what other vocalists do.

The vocalist is also the guy who mixed and produced the album. And he did a damn good job at it too. There isn’t anything that’s overpowering and drowning out the other instruments. The vocals are a little quieter than everything else, but it sounds really good though. This is one of those albums where the drums are what drive the music. The drums sound fantastic, I love that whispy sound that he has on the symbols and…actually pretty much the whole drum set.

This album is extremely impressive. The amount of brutality of this album has made it so far that there are only a handful of other albums that can match it. I will definitely be ripping things apart in the pit the next time these guys come to Seattle. This album gets a solid 17/20.


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