Unholy Cult

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Band Name Immolation
Album Name Unholy Cult
Type Album
Data de aparición 28 Octubre 2002
Producido por Paul Orofino
Enregistrado en Milbrook Sound Studios
Estilo MusicalDeath Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum227


Re-Issue in 2010 by Listenable Records with a bonus DVD
1. Of Martyrs and Men 05:26
2. Sinful Nature 03:16
3. Unholy Cult 08:02
4. Wolf Among the Flock 03:50
5. Reluctant Messiah 04:59
6. A Kingdom Divided 04:17
7. Rival the Eniment 05:35
8. Bring Them Down 06:06
Recorded live in Amsterdam, Holland
1. Of Martyrs and Men
2. Father, You're Not a Father
3. Unholy Cult
4. A Kingdom Divided
5. Those Left Behind
6. Reluctant Messiah
7. Unpardonable Sin
8. Christ's Cage
9. Bring Them Down
Recorded live in Tilburg, Holland
10. Sinful Nature
11. Into Everlasting Fire
Recorded live in Paris, France
12. Of Martyrs and Men
13. Father, You're Not a Father
14. Unholy Cult
15. Into Everlasting Fire
16. Wolf Among the Flock
17. Bring Them Down
Recorded live in Los Angeles, USA
18. Of Martyrs and Men
19. Sinful Nature
20. Father, You're Not a Father
21. Unholy Cult
22. Furthest from the Truth
23. Dawn of Possession
24. Of Martyrs and Men
Total playing time 41:31