Ultranumb Fixt Remix Compilation

Lista de los grupos Industrial Electro Blue Stahli Ultranumb Fixt Remix Compilation
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Band Name Blue Stahli
Album Name Ultranumb Fixt Remix Compilation
Type Compilation
Data de aparición 21 Septiembre 2010
Labels Fixt Music
Estilo MusicalIndustrial Electro
Miembros poseen este álbum2


1. Ultranumb (Album Version)
2. Ultranumb (Deep Field Drammar Mix by Noise to Noizer)
3. Ultranumb (Neovision Remix) (Edit)
4. Ultranumb (Klonopins and Needles Mix by Synthetic Killing Unit)
5. Ultranumb (Drum Style Mix by GReeNOX)
6. Ultranumb (Exterminated Remix)
7. Ultranumb (Metal Revision by Paul Udarov)
8. Ultranumb (Unknown Remix by Gokay)
9. Ultranumb (Feed Me More Mix by Animattronic)
10. Ultranumb (Dragon from the West Mix by Billdisc)
11. Ultranumb (Synoise Remix)
12. Ultranumb (Machinnes Percocet Mix by Machinnes)
13. Ultranumb (Violated by Neon Sky)
14. Ultranumb (Jato Unit-Hard Trance Radio Remix)
15. Ultranumb (Lie Breath Mix by EchoDeep)
16. Ultranumb (Violated Remix by Armored Defiance)
17. Ultranumb (TweakerRay ReMix by TweakerRay)
18. Ultranumb (Enslavement Mix by Pulsedaemon)