Two Worlds

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Band Name Gargrim The Liar
Album Name Two Worlds
Type Split
Data de aparición 2009
Estilo MusicalSymphonic Dark
Miembros poseen este álbum2


1. Preludium
2. Of Noble Blood
3. Left Alone to Die
4. Carmen Ex Miragliano
5. The Story Unfolds
6. Their Fate Sealed
7. Silvano's Waltz
8. No Way Out
9. Death of a Father
10. Requiem for Miragliano
11. Tilea Forest
12. The Pavillion
1. Title
2. The Challenge
3. Skavedal Tavern
4. Roses and Brimstone
5. Enchanted Forest
6. Chasing Traitors
7. Distant Stronghold
8. Decievers Narration
9. Catacombs
10. Calling the Long Since Lost
11. At the Gates
12. Dirge - End Title

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Gargrim The Liar


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Crónica @ Irma

30 Junio 2009
Classical fantasy with hints of great Darkness!

Radio Rivendell creator/composer Anders Dahlgren and composer Henrik Summanen pairs off with Waerloga Records as a partner-in-crime.
Anders's project is called Gargrim the Liar and Henrik's Anabasis. Both are debuting with these projects
on the album "Two Worlds". The album got two CDs, one each for the two project's.

The litany of lament they orchestrate is pure and breath both metal (even though it's a strictly classical fantasy soundtrack sound on both albums).
The blackened compositions Anders and Henrik have written are irredeemable but gorgeous, a little bit
dreary but as much to make it exquisite.

I feel that the important thing to think about if you’re going to pick up Two Worlds is that this 2CD box
is a bit different from ordinary soundtracks and a bit different from Arcana.
The albums are filled with more classical overtones, instrumental CDs.
Resulting in something that you can really just “play” in the background while you’re writing or trying
to find your muse.

The artwork is ok. The inlay is astonishing but the cover is fucking up a great picture made by John Howe.
Way to bright.

Some of the melodies/themes and the mood are really great. Henrik Summanen feels more restrained than Anders Dahlgren
but on the other hand Henrik's album is the more complete one of the two.
Anabasis opening track is the best on both albums.

Gargrim the Liar, when he lets go. It's brilliant.
I guess we will hear more from these two artists in the future. I am looking forward to them both evolve
and maybe take more risks. Anabasis really would benifit if he could escape his strait jacket. Then he
will be one of the truly great.
Two good albums in one case.

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