The New Reign

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Band Name Born Of Osiris
Album Name The New Reign
Type Album
Data de aparición 02 Octubre 2007
Producido por Michael Keene
Enregistrado en Keene Machine Studios
Estilo MusicalProgressive Death
Miembros poseen este álbum131


 Empires Erased
 Open Arms to Damnation
 Abstract Art
 The New Reign
 Brace Legs
 Bow Down
 The Takeover

Total playing time: 21:34

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Crónica @ CLucker666

31 Marzo 2012

not your average and bland deathcore album

I am sure most of you guys into the deathcore scene have most likely heard this album. I still would like to review for those of you who have not. Born of Osiris is most definitely a stand out in the deathcore genre. They are one of the fewer bands that uses a keyboard a lot. Another great band who does the same thing would be Winds of Plague. BOO now has three albums out and this was their first full length that really hit it off for them. The main attraction that everyone went crazy about was the melodic guitar riffs fitting in perfectly with they keyboards, that is also my favorite part of BOO.

Now the vocals could use some work in this album, they have definitely fixed them in their later albums. This album lacks a range of vocals, it mostly sticks to one tone of growl the entire album. Now don't get me wrong, he is not a bad vocalist at all! But, he lacks creativity. The keyboardist sometimes will let out a high pitched scream every now and then but they are few and far between. Now Ronnie definitely does have interesting sounding growl and that is why this one tone does not bother me as much as most bands would. It is not like he is doing anything different I think it is just how his voice is just like any other person.

Some of the stand out songs for me were Bow Down and Abstract art. I really liked Abstract art because of the keyboards, it has kind of a Chinese or Japanese feel to it. You will definitely recognize it when you hear it. Now Bow Down I am sure is a favorite by most BOO fans. It starts off with an awesome opening growl saying, "Fucking Bow Down!" Now I am sure this will stick in everyones head for sure. The only problem is, it is a really short song. It is barely over 2 minutes.

Now onto the few flaws. This album seems like it should have some good solid 5-8 minutes songs and everything is barely over 2 or 3 minutes which is really sickening. How could such a fantastic album with so much potential be shortened so much. There could be so much more brilliance in this album if only they were lengthened a little bit. I would not even mind it if they just repeated some of the riffs over. This is the main problem for me but it is not too hard to get over when listening. I already mentioned how I think he should expand his vocal range but that does not bother me nearly as much as the song length.

Now I was complaining about the vocals being bland but when I saw them live in August I really started to get over it. They put on an amazing live performance. Everybody was going crazy to this band. I barely saw anybody just sitting their. The whole floor in the House of Blues was just one big wave of mosh to almost every song they played. I would love to get the chance to see them again.

Well, overall, I think this was a great debut album and I am glad to see this band is doing a great job now. I hope to see more albums like the three they have released. I would have to give this album a 16/20.

Below is the song abstract art. Listen to it and hear that Chinese sound. You will love it.

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Crinn - 31 Marzo 2012: you forgot to rate it man :P great review!
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