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Band Name Vihmana
Album Name Templo
Type EP
Data de aparición Febrero 2009
Estilo MusicalFolk Death
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1. Ecos del Misterio
2. Carros Solares
3. El Camino
4. Como Rios Sin Afluente
5. Meteoro
6. El Templo Dorado

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Crónica @ Nastasia

05 Diciembre 2009
Vihmana’s EP Templo is a fascinating combination of metal and many different ethnic influences. What most of musicians unfortunately tend to do is using of way too much synths so the music sounds more industrial than folk like. Luckily, this is not that case. All the different kinds of drums and ethnic instruments sound just as natural as needed and the real flutes by Eva Borondo and bagpipe by José Luis Frías sound especially good.

The whole album starts with an instrumental Ecos del Misterio, the intro appealing almost like a composition from a harem. The complex sound of didgeridoo (I hope it is really it) and drums integrated by the guitar in first minute and a half don’t even make you feel like listening to a metal album. However, fluently concurring track Carros Solares proves you wrong. Continuing in the rhythms of the first composition and soaks you right into the ancient Indus Valley. Ominousness of the whole song is excellent but what I really don’t like abou it is that the vocals are pushed to the background way too much. The song therefore sounds a little inexpressive. The whole composition would sound completely different, of course in a good way, if singing and shouts were stronger. Anyway, in music itself it’s really difficult to find any bugs.

In this album is a ratio of instrumental compositions and usual songs very balanced. The following El Camino combines piano intro, mystic flute, sound of a crowd and metal riffs, creating gradating composition with everything what it takes to make you look forward to next one – Como Rios sin Afluente. You definitely can’t complain about a lack of mysticism in the songs but still it has something missing. The mistakes from Carros Solares are repeated constantly but if you get used to it and forgive the gumminess, you can just drift along with oriental sounds and doom riffs.

Meteoro is a very fitting name for a song which sounds like a meteor among a little slow rest of the album, even despite dome slow passages in it as well. The parts that sound like taken from a slow song and fastened sound interesting, I’d say almost weird yet still interesting. The clean vocals really remind me of religious singings, rock guitard and the following part which the most resembles an 80’s disco song makes Meteoro the most random song of the whole album.

The album is enclosed with a calm Templo Dorado which sounds warm and full of energy and spirit. Starting with ancient square sounds, guitars replace the vocals and voila, here we come to the end.

The album appeals in the same way like the booklet – it has an idea but it still has a lot of space for improvement. Endeavour combined with not very common themes made its part and it’s just a question of time if all the potential will be used.

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