Soap Scum

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Band Name Cillit Bang Korma Orgy
Album Name Soap Scum
Type Compilation
Data de aparición 16 Noviembre 2012
Labels Self-Released
Estilo MusicalGrindcore
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1. Dildo Throne Anti-Christ 02:24
2. Rolf Harris 00:35
3. It's Good But It's Not Right; I Ordered a Korma! 01:12
4. The Evil Burning Winds of Korma 01:09
5. Hdsfksfas 00:19
6. Ka 00:00
7. Ainsley Harriott & Horse Cock? 00:31
8. Hghytjtjytjty 00:07
9. Zxczvdkbklbb 00:32
10. ShagWrath Goes to a Gay Bar in Mordor 02:15
11. Det av Homofil som Mjød 01:41
12. Ewfwdfwef 00:06
13. Connors Stumach Isa Cturally Hurting 00:16
14. Sdfsdfsdfsdffsd 00:05
15. Outro 00:30
Total playing time 11:43

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Cillit Bang Korma Orgy

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Crónica @ Minge

13 Julio 2013

Limescale, Rust, Grind in Dirt

Grindcore is a dying genre, there are little to no bands anymore. Ever since Hanni Kohl released Chuck Norris or iamerror's Trout Yogurt showed itself on to the metal scene, there has not really been a grind act to make something unique, fresh and brutal. I went to school with the members of CBKO and around the time of them making Soap Scum there was a harsh bleakness over the building, it rained for 88 days and there was reports of crying in the media room where they recorded the album. Miss Rasin, the current media teacher at the time, vanished and was never heard of again, but once again more rumors went about that she was devoured and her screams were distorted and used in the track "Dildo Throne Anti-Christ" With the hype of this album sweeping over Birmingham, we had the highest of standards, and we were not disappointed, or, the ones which survived weren't. My friend Ummbaro, a worthy companion of the band, snatched a limited physical copy and we played it full blast, head banging in 666 motions throughout. The intro "Dildo Throne Anti-Christ" has the ambiance which comes straight from the Northern Woods of Impalement and as you fall in to its ever blackening spell, it then implodes in to a frenzy of blastbeats and chainsaw shredding guitar work which gives mortician a ride for their money. "Rolf Harris" then begins with once again a horrifying atmosphere as if you were in that media room at the time, watching that innocent teacher being eating slowly with them shitty plastic knives the school had. Another rumor has it that Stuart breastfed off a Chinese lady in order to spit out them screams of ultimate despair and anguish. The forever repeated sample of "It's Good But It's Not Right; I Ordered A Korma!" makes you feel like a Schizophrenic in a mental asylum as you watch your cell mate getting forcefully injected with Krokodil by a man in a pigs mask, the shear insanity and speed whilst the sample remains the same through the entire song, even thought it's just over a minute, it seemed like hours. After this it was followed by a bunch of ambient tracks which left me in a coma for 8 months, when I awoken, "ShagWrath Goes To A Gay Bar in Mordor" played, in a delirious state and and still frightened from what I have been listening too, the carnival music got in to my head in a snap, any pinch of sanity will be forever lost for me.
Overall, this album is not for the faint heart the technicality and tempo will be way too much of a challenge for the average listener it is as if all that is mental in the world was locked up in to one album and forced to rape a whole african village in the watchful eye of Kim-jong Il ,this album is pure evil, it will harm, it will kill, it will turn you insane. It is more than just a generic grindcore record, it is....^-^ !CYBERGRIND! ^-^

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