Silence in Grey

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Band Name Serenity's End
Album Name Silence in Grey
Type Demo
Data de aparición 2009
Labels Self-Released
Estilo MusicalGothic Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum1


1. Failure's Crown 06:08
2. In Remembrance & Denial 05:17
3. Silence in Grey 06:15
4. Closure 07:18
Total playing time 24:58

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Serenity's End

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Crónica @ Nastasia

30 Junio 2010
Melancholy to Finnish music just inherently belongs, that’s anything but a secret, and Serenity’s End is a band which uses that in the best way it can, maybe purposely, maybe not. But what is for sure is that Silence in Grey is another very good work done, even deeper and more melancholic than the previous ones. And of course the quality is higher. But anyway, the sound is despite the band’s genre very living and not unnecessarily weepy.

Every song has very strong features of gothic rock, progressive and doom metal, which work together almost perfectly. The guitars ale mellow and smooth but still juicy and the vocalist has a great voice range shown in high singing parts as well as in the growl. The drums, which have very sharp sound, are also worth mentioning as a pillar of every song.

From the very first song, Failure's Crown, the album has a great movement and strikes with a great combination of heavy riffs and unobtrusive keys. Several times repeating mild, mellow moments may sound as if the band was trying way too hard to create a melancholic atmosphere, but the faster parts and the refrain, both framed with occasional growling vocals, fully compensate all the doubts. The melody from the beginning of the song also flows through the whole composition and makes it sound solid.

In Remembrance & Denial also begins much more slowly than it continues. This song has more old school elements and therefore is more contrast due to the changes from one extreme to other. Again, the combination of I must admit very well used growl and clear vocals makes me admire the vocalist and his range. The alternating of the tempi and forcibility of the song is very similar to the previous one and the slow, dramatic piano ending makes a perfect ground for the following track.

The title track Silence in Grey is faster and a bit pushier than the previous ones, but only in a good way. The acoustic parts are minimized as well as the key parts (apart of a really good solo and just a helping role) and the heaviness and growls are more enforced. To sum up, as it is usual for the title songs, this one is vividly more energic and powerful then the rest of the album.
The final track, very imaginatively named Closure, is with its more than seven minutes the longest song of this four track longs release. The slow beginning is despite its slow tempo cram-full with anticipation. Again, the schedule of fast part – slow part – guitar solo – fast part etc is used, but also you can enjoy purely melodic side of the bands creation which is also very subtle as you get a chance to concentrate to other parts then only vocals.

As a result, the band created a very pleasant piece of work by doing their best and I am sure that by more improving, their creations will not only stuck in your head, but literally burn a hole into it.

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