Shadow of Sorrow

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Band Name My Silent Wake
Album Name Shadow of Sorrow
Type Album
Data de aparición 28 Marzo 2006
Estilo MusicalGothic Doom
Miembros poseen este álbum5


1. Wake
2. Shadow of Sorrow
3. Burning
4. Hunting Season
5. The Mist
6. In Darkness
7. Lost
8. Through Greenest Meadows
9. Shadow Reprise
10. Your Cold Embrace
11. Encircle

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Crónica @ TrogDawn

13 Abril 2012

Brutal and beautiful.

In my perhaps not so humble opinion, this is simply one of best releases among the myriad circles of doom in 2006. Ian Arkley and company have submitted a gothic/death/doom metal masterpiece with Shadow of Sorrow.

The disc begins tentatively with the ambient "Wake", but quickly becomes engorged with a black heaviness as the title track lumbers in with no holds (but all chords) barred! Once this track has subsided, "Burning" roars in with an uptempo ass-kicking that leaves no doubt that this unit knows both sides of the speed coin (particularly since Ian cut his teeth and paid his dues in 90's post-thrash unit, Seventh Angel). The utter despair of the protagonist in the lyrics to this song expresses a sentiment that is heartbreaking and can almost certainly be related to by any listener with at least a fraction of feelings left inside their cold being.

As if the first few tracks aren't enough, the epic-length "Hunting Season" draws the listener even further into the soundscape than one may have even thought possible. Mere words cannot express the utter sense of seemingly unending loss, grief and despair contained within this magnum opus.

The remainder of the album goes from strength to strength without letting up until the listener is brought full circle to the instrumental reprise of the title track. But even then it's not over! After the initial tracklist has run its course, the powers that be offer even more in the two bonus tracks included for the ever hungry: "Your Cold Embrace" and "Encircle" (from the previous year's My Silent Wake ep).

Artistic to the core with killer guitar work, passionate lyrical content, a good balance between death growls & clean vocals and an incredibly tight & heartfelt performance from My Silent Wake.

Brutal and beautiful.

- Randy Michaud (TrogDawn)

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