Rage of the Bloodbeast

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Band Name Debauchery (GER)
Album Name Rage of the Bloodbeast
Type Album
Data de aparición 18 Octubre 2004
Estilo MusicalDeath'n'Roll
Miembros poseen este álbum31


1. Blood for the Blood God
2. Chainsaw Masturbation
3. Rage of the Bloodbeast
4. Devourer of Worlds
5. Kiling in the Warzone
6. I Will Rape and Murder
7. Armies of Immortals
8. The Hellspawn
9. Ritual Killing
10. Wargrinder
11. Take My Pain
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2008)
12. Blood for the Blood God (Live)
13. Rage of the Bloodbeast (Live)
14. Wargrinder (Live)
15. I Will Rape and Murder (Video Clip)