Prowler in the Yard

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Band Name Pig Destroyer
Album Name Prowler in the Yard
Type Album
Data de aparición 24 Julio 2001
Estilo MusicalGrindcore
Miembros poseen este álbum66


 Cheerleader Corpses
 Scatology Homework
 Trojan Whore
 Ghost of a Bullet
 Heart and Crossbones
 Strangled with a Halo
 Intimate Slavery
 Mapplethorpe Grey
 Evacuating Heaven
 Tickets to the Car Crash
 Naked Trees
 Sheet Metal Girl
 Preacher Crawling
 Pornographic Memory
 Murder Blossom
 Body Scout
 Snuff Film at Eleven
 Junkyard God
 Piss Angel

Total playing time: 36:31

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Pig Destroyer

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Crónica @ Unicorn88

28 Diciembre 2011

The perfect grindcore album!

Grindcore is probably one of the most underrated genres, with good reason due to shitty bands like Anal Cunt in it, but if you want to hear grindcore at its very best, pick this album up right away! Pig Destroyer mixes everything grindcore, that should be in this wonderful album.

The album contains 22 songs. Having that many songs on an album is a hard thing to make work because you don't want to make an album have a lot of different parts that don't fit, because it just ruins the flow that any good album has. This album makes it work amazingly due to the fact that the songs connect into each other like 22 pieces to a puzzle. You can listen to the album from start to finish and it almost seems like one long song. It's rare to make albums do that successfully, but the trio in Pig Destroyer makes that happen beautifully.

The album is not a typical grindcore album lyrically. I see a lot of the lyrics talking about inner struggles, but they can be interpreted differently. The album definitely paints a picture lyrically and it's really nice to see that. The lyrics are almost novelesque in the way words and phrases are used. The lyrics talk about pain, you can sense it in the vocals, and how the words are screamed.

This is definitely the best work of JR Hayes' life. He screams with an intensity that is missing in Terrifyer and that I see lacking in Phantom Limb. He fits his vocals to each song so well but he keeps the same grit and intensity throughout the album. He has such a unique style that I cannot find from any other vocalist. Most importantly is that it fits perfectly with the playing of Brian Harvey and Scott Hull.

Instrumentally the album is amazing. I personally can't comprehend how Scott and Brian can play so long without having their arms fall off. The drums are played furiously but they're more technical that the typical grindcore blast-beats. I doubt you can find a better drum solo in a grindcore album than the one at the end of Hyperviolet. Scott's guitar work is simply divine. Fast but rhythmic and the technicality is certainly above average to say the least. The instrumental duo of Hull and Harvey can trump bands with 4-piece & even 5-piece instrumental teams.

I rate this album 20 out of 20, because it is perfect to my musical taste, given grindcore is not a genre for everyone. I just have never heard a better metal album and this one album is perfection.I cannot seem to get bored of it.

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cochino - 28 Diciembre 2011: I'll even dare to say Prowler in the Yard is the their best release ever.
Crinn - 28 Diciembre 2011: I had no idea that this album even existed! O.o Pig Destroyer was my first grindcore band and all i have is terrifier and phantom limb!
Hell_Spawn - 25 Mayo 2013: Just a perfect grindcore album. It's brutal and very technical at the same time. The guitars are so fucking good and they have a real personal style.
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