Post Mortem

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Band Name Black Tide
Album Name Post Mortem
Type Album
Data de aparición 23 Agosto 2011
Producido por Josh Wilbur
Estilo MusicalMetalcore
Miembros poseen este álbum30


1. Ashes (ft. Matt Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine) 04:09
2. Bury Me 03:53
3. Let It Out 05:05
4. Honest Eyes 03:54
5. That Fire 03:30
6. Fight Til the Bitter End 03:43
7. Take It Easy 04:33
8. Lost in the Sound 04:59
9. Walking Dead Man 04:15
10. Into the Sky 04:52
11. Alone 03:35
12. Give Hope 04:51
13. So Broken (iTunes Bonustrack) 06:41
14. Part of It 04:03
Total playing time 42:57

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Comentario @ Scared

19 Noviembre 2011

...not really metal...

I picked this up after seeing half price, I now see why it was.

This is Black Tide's second full length and to be honest, it's not all that good. The main let down, it's no where near as heavy as Light from Above. Some of the introductions to the song sound like they are from a pop group. The vocals are the main difference. They are more matured but even though in Light from Above, they were a little bit screechy, that are not at all good enough. They just don't suit the guitars, they might go well with acoustic but not with heavy and distorted guitars.

When I first started listening to Ashes (featuring Matt Tuck), I thought yeah this is good, but then came the vocals. I mean they were just awful, it's like the song just reaches out to grab you, then it misses you. But the upside is that the drummer has improved a lot.

But then we come to Take It Easy, this song probably has the worst introduction to a metal song in the world. Its has a huge similarity to an introduction that Justin Bieber would have. But as it progresses it gets better, but not much. There are some decent solos, but nothing special.

The band chemistry is going straight down and first thoughts are going to be that they are more of a rock band than metal. I'm seeing them entering Spirit of Rock and leaving spirit of metal very soon. The lyrics in my opinion are very weak. So overall I wouldn't recommend getting the album, listen to an MP3 first before you are certain of getting it.

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samolice - 09 Diciembre 2012: What a shame! First album was awesome. What happened to the band? I can't understand.
desolate23 - 27 Mayo 2013: You all do realize they're still new at this. I personally believe they're experimenting with different styles. That's why I thought Light From Above sounded like Metallica in a sense and this once sounding like BFMV.
Chriscatcher - 13 Diciembre 2013: ...Et merde, là voilà, la suite ! Après un premier album qui déchirait ça mère, j'avais placé de grands espoirs dans ces p'tits jeunes qui n'en veulent. Le second album sort et je me jette dessus sans prendre la peine de l'écouter avant. Lourde erreur. Ce truc est une putain de grosse daube à des kilomètres du précédent. Ben, alors, les gamins qu'est-ce qui vous est arrivé ? On s'est paumé en route ? Fumiers de jeunes ! Vous m'avez pourri ma journée.
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