Political Pollution

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Band Name Norylsk
Album Name Political Pollution
Type Album
Data de aparición 11 Noviembre 2011
Estilo MusicalGrindcore
Miembros poseen este álbum2


1. Clerical Fascism
2. Social Stigmata
3. The Hypocrite
4. W 114
5. Pulpet Song
6. Violence Criteria
7. The Opportunist
8. A Dillema
9. In The Likeness of God
10. Paranoic Reality
11. Why should I think… I Believe
12. Unborn Reality
13. The Purpose of Life

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Crónica @ GandhiEgo

25 Junio 2012

Political Goregrind!?

Norylsk has become quite the band to follow in Polish and international Grindcore. Last time I checked they were the third band featured on a 3-way split. It’s probably no chance that on this split album, Norylsk had covered Dead Infection’s ‘It’s Over’. You’ll find the same brutality in their newest offering, Political Pollution making the band a complex mix between more traditional Deathgrind a la Kill The Client and Goregrind a la Dead Infection or Squash Bowels.

Lyrics deal mainly with societal issues, from the perverse effects of capitalism to the omnipresence of the church in Poland. Political Goregrind? Sure, suits me. Actually, even though you could draw comparisons with many more well-known bands like the aforementioned Kill The Client or Phobia for instance, I am more prone to compare them to Czech grindmasters Disfigured Corpse. Their blatant Death Metal sound makes their Grindcore a bit more complex and groovy than most other acts of the genre. Just like the Czech.

Musically speaking, the double vokills combo makes for the perfect match. Growls with a good dose of pitch shift give this characteristic Goregrind feel while the harsh screams will be more reminiscent of bands like Agathocles. The production of the bass is killer: it explodes on every single note and downtunes the whole sound of the recording. I’m not so thrilled about the drums though… it’s so triggered it feels as if it were a drum machine. Something I had to check in the booklet to make sure it's actually a "human" drummer... It does indeed add some extra brutality but the rest of the production feels so natural and organic, especially the aforementioned bass guitar, that it's a bit detrimental. Gives this odd "Berzerker" feeling...

This not so minor flaw should not rebuke listeners though. The sheer aggressiveness and the efficiency of Norylsk’s songs more than compensate for this and played at great volumes this is a dangerous record (for your neighbors and your family!). I certainly hope they can expand outside of Poland and knowing the versatility of worldwide Grindcore fans, I am pretty sure Political Pollution will get the right exposure, if only underground wise.

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