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Band Name Evil Masquerade
Album Name Pentagram
Type Album
Data de aparición 21 Mayo 2012
Estilo MusicalMelodic Heavy
Miembros poseen este álbum8


1. Pentagram
2. A Silhouette
3. Perfect Disgrace
4. The Spirits of the Dead
5. Moonlight Fantasy
6. Unholy Water
7. Pray for Mercy On Our Souls
8. Soul Taker
9. On a Bed of Thorns
10. Strangers Might Fool Ya'
11. When the Fire Dies
12. The Golden Ratio

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Crónica @ longwaytogo

07 Junio 2012

Another star shining in my music-collection: PENTAGRAM

“You are a stinking liar”; my speakers screamed through the room when the single “A Silhouette” from this brand-new album Pentagram was running in the player. Convinced I was ,that Evil Masquerade had lifted up to another level of music creating and had found some more buttons to press in my own soul. Confronting, such a first sentence to introduce your new work; but it didn’t disappoint at all.

Evil Masquerade brought out their fifth album on which the vocals of Apollo Papathanasio shine through, writer, and composer, Henrik Flyman impressed once more with his passionate guitar playing. Artur Meinild is to be found at the keys, bass is provided by Thor Jeppesen and Dennis Buhl contributes to the band’s own groove at the drums.

An album that makes a good first impression, that’s what Pentagram is. The cover is simple but beautiful. What triggered me most, though, is that it is so different from the previous album-covers with only black and silver. One could be deluded into believing that the famous demon from the covers has disappeared … don’t let your eyes get tricked.

Already in the first song this album grasps you spiritually by the hand and leads you to a whole new dimension of music-waves and its desire to dance and rock. Apollo’s singing gives more than once shivers down the spine with his raw, harsh yet soft and emotional singing; the evil has a soft side - what?

As in previous albums there is a stark focus on guitars and drums, there is a balanced keyboard present and very strong rhythmic bass - all in one, good for a very moving groove, in practically every song as it is a rocking kick-ass disc.
Last but not least; one should really take time to read and understand the lyrics as the messages presented are really food for thought!

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