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Band Name Made Of Hate
Album Name Pathogen
Type Album
Data de aparición 27 Agosto 2010
Labels AFM Records
Estilo MusicalMelodic Black Death
Miembros poseen este álbum21


1. Friend 05:00
2. Russian Roulette 04:17
3. You Departed 04:09
4. I Can't Believe 06:21
5. Lock 'n' Load 03:43
6. Pathogen 05:31
7. False Flag 04:16
8. Questions 04:16
Total playing time 37:33

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Crónica @ Demogorefest

26 Noviembre 2010
I first Discovered Made of Hate Through a compilation cd entitled All For Metal about a year ago, they're title track to their last album, Bullet in Your Head blew me away. After listening to that song thoroughly i became a solid fan of the band.
With that being said, when i noticed they had a new album already i jumped onto Youtube and immediately began searching for new tracks off Pathogen. What i found was in many respects, the same sound i heard on Bullet in Your Head with one major exception... the vocals. They sound completely different, and that really isn't a good thing. His voice sounds like Lemmy with a bit of an accent, the vocals just sound horribly out of place in this album, and i'm not the only person that's been upset with the new vocalist's sound, most of the comments i see on Youtube and other forums seem to say the same thing, Bring back the old vocalist.
Aside from the Vocals aspect, this album is pretty top-notch (especially if you like the Children of Bodom types, this band has ALOT of CoB influenced riffs). I regret giving this a rating of 17/20. i think my revised rate would have to be 15/20, simply because of the vocals. Other than that, the band is pretty damn talented, especially when it comes to the Melodies and Shredding in alot of the songs (i've heard people compare them to acts such as Kalmah alot). They definantly put the "Melodic" in Melodic Death Metal. Every tracks is heavily laden with guitar solos and Melodies. They might be better off as an instrumental band, because the vocals just don't "do it" for me like the guitars do on this release.
Some of the Praise worthy songs include "Russian Roulette", "Friend", "Lock n' Load" and "Questions". If you found yourself liking their last album, their new cd may still be worth checking out, but i highly recommend previewing a few tracks before making your purchase of this album.

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