Parallels of Infinite Torture

Lista de los grupos Brutal Death Disgorge (USA) Parallels of Infinite Torture
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Band Name Disgorge (USA)
Album Name Parallels of Infinite Torture
Type Album
Data de aparición 17 Mayo 2005
Producido por Katsuki Moriyama
Estilo MusicalBrutal Death
Miembros poseen este álbum75


Re-Issue in 2008 by Metal Mind Productions
Re-Issue in 2010 by Unique Leader Records
1. Revealed in Obscurity 05:13
2. Enthroned Abominations 04:05
3. Atonement 02:57
4. Abhorrent Desecration of Thee Iniquity 04:17
5. Forgotten Scriptures 02:02
6. Descending Upon Convulsive Devourment 04:39
7. Condemned to Sufferance 04:58
8. Parallels of Infinite Torture 05:03
9. Asphyxiation of Thee Oppressed 05:42
10. Ominous Sigils of Ungodly Ruin 04:59
Total playing time 43:55