No Turning Back

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Band Name Innerwish
Album Name No Turning Back
Type Album
Data de aparición 28 Mayo 2010
Estilo MusicalMelodic Heavy
Miembros poseen este álbum16


1. The Signs of Our Lives
2. Chosen One
3. Burning Desires
4. No Turning Back
5. Sirens
6. Save Us
7. Last Breath
8. Lawmaker
9. Welcome to My World
10. Kingdom of Our Prime
11. Full of Lust
12. Live for My Own

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Crónica @ Dr.Feelgood

05 Noviembre 2010
Many bands in Greece have been developed a lot since their first steps and this makes them strong enough to stand next to big names. Inner Wish are one of the biggest examples in melodic power metal and their new album No Turning Back is the result of all the previous albums which were a great endeavor from them. What makes the new album greater and better than the three others is the excellent combination of power and melody!

The proof of the above is that the first song "The signs of our lives" is the first best track of the album full of power with a refrain that can sing even the rocks, its riff makes you feel thrilled and the last song "Live for my own" is the total meaning of melody, a song played on piano. Some musicians are used to saying that the first and the last song show how great the album is. The next best song is "Burning desires", another song with a magnificent riff and a rhythmical style in drums. What characterizes the album is the riffs, the double solos and the refrains which are stack in mind and anyone can sing all of them after the first listening.

Inner Wish in the album Silent Faces had a big affect of Savatage, but in No Turning Back that affect is obvious only in the song "Sirens". Listen to the intro keyboards and the refrain, it is somehow similar to the Savatage song "Streets", the participation of a chorus which does the second vocals. Similar and yet different. Apart from that affect the band shows its love for Helloween, through the basic riff of "Last breath" for Hammerfall and through the song "Chosen one" for Gamma Ray. It is important to say that despite these affects the guys have their way to make the songs be heard so unique that you forget at once the other bands and you just keep in mind that on guitars are Thimios Krikos and Manolis Tsigos and on vocals is the best singer Babis Alexandropoulos. Always according to me!!

Some bands after a good album stop trying and failure is in front of them, but Inner Wish are not like them, they are six guys who try the best for theirselves not because what they do is their job, but because they love it, as Andonis Mazarakis said. Waiting for the Dawn was their first success which made a very good impression, Silent Faces was a bigger achievement than the first and even than Inner Strength. Finally No Turning Back is their greatest album in melodic power metal and I'm sure that its songs will be sung by all of those who support the band like anthems in the future!

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