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Band Name Torche
Album Name Meanderthal
Type Album
Data de aparición 08 Abril 2008
Producido por Kurt Ballou
Estilo MusicalStoner
Miembros poseen este álbum16


1. Triumph of Venus 01:44
2. Grenades 02:53
3. Piranha 01:32
4. Sandstorm 02:19
5. Speed of the Nail 01:41
6. Healer 02:07
7. Across the Shields 03:03
8. Sundown 03:17
9. Little Champion 00:34
10. Without a Sound 02:06
11. Fat Waves 04:32
12. Amnesian 06:25
13. Meanderthal 04:00
Total playing time 36:13

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Crónica @ Scandals

21 Enero 2009
Inspired by the Terrorizer 40 albums of the year poll, I was inspired to compile a set of reviews of the albums they deemed to be the best of the last year. And so I begin with Meanderthal, a sludgy tour de force that rocks hard and is one of the heaviest sounding records of the year. Buried well inside its swampy appeal is a spectacular blend of catchy rock and roll tunes and the same type of low end bass and drumming approach that makes the average metal fan enjoy Mastodon and High on Fire so much. The tracks aren’t particularly long, but so infectious in their almost pop rock melodies that you will listen to them repeatedly, instantly tripling the length of the album (once you’ve heard Grenades, you’ll understand my point).

Steve Brooks, founder and vocalist for Torche has been quoted saying that he likes putting an idea down and getting it done with without trying to drag it on for 20 minutes. Meanderthal is the perfect representation of this idea, with tiny epic Little Champion lasting only an essential 35 seconds before the next track comes in. The lively Healer and simple thunder of Across the Shields are particular highlights of an album that continually impresses in scope and simplicity, and the 6 minute Mastodon aping Amnesian is an essential entry into the stoner/sludge/doom canon.

But ultimately it is the low end rumbling thunder of the title track that swings it for me. That the band have managed to marry this heaviness to such infectious pop choruses and verses is just excellent, and long may Torche continue this into further releases.

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