Live in N.Y.C. - Live in L.A.

Lista de los grupos Grindcore Anal Cunt Live in N.Y.C. - Live in L.A.
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Band Name Anal Cunt
Album Name Live in N.Y.C. - Live in L.A.
Type Split
Data de aparición 1999
Estilo MusicalGrindcore
Miembros poseen este álbum4


"Live in N.Y.C."
1. Some Songs
2. Slow Song (from Split 7")
3. Newest HC Song #4
4. Newest HC Song #3
5. Some More Songs
6. Foreplay with a Tree Shredder
7. Pepe the Gay Waiter
8. Even More Songs
9. Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore
10. G.M.O.T.R.
11. Flower Shop Guy
12. Theme from the A Team
13. Radio Hit
14. Delicious Face Style
15. Chump Change
16. Stayin' Alive
17. Kill Women
18. Tom Arnold
19. Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
20. Lenny's in My Neighborhood
21. M.J.C.
22. I'm Still Standing
23. Art Fag
24. Guy Lombardo
"Live in L.A."
25. Live Kxlu Los Angeles, CA (25/02/1998)
26. Live Kuci Irvine, CA (01/03/1998)
27. Interview with Naomi

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Anal Cunt

Insult (USA)