Live in Karlsruhe

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Band Name Pink Cream 69
Album Name Live in Karlsruhe
Type Live
Data de aparición 16 Octubre 2009
Estilo MusicalMelodic Heavy
Miembros poseen este álbum19


1. Children of the Dawn
2. Do You Like It Like That
3. Hell's Gone Crazy
4. Lost in Illusion
5. The Hour of Freedom
6. I'm Not Afraid
7. Talk to the Moon
8. Carnaby Road
9. Break the Silence
10. One Step into Paradise
11. That Was Yesterday
12. The Spirit
1. Livin' My Life for You
2. Welcome the Night
3. Seas of Madness
4. Keep Your Eye on the Twisted
5. No Way Out
6. Shame
7. So Lonely / No Woman No Cry
8. One Step into Paradise
Bonustrack (Europe)
9. Better Days

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Crónica @ hack

27 Noviembre 2009
This 2 disc set is a special Live Celebration of their 20th anniversary. It was recorded in Karlsruhe, Germany, where they Began their career. Their debut album was released in 1989, 20 years ago. Karlsruhe is located 11.5 miles from the French border in southwestern Germany.

According to Wikipedia, they got their first contract by winning Metal Hammer Magazine's newcomer competition. They are often referred to as "The Pinkies."

Vocalist David Readman is a very talented tenor, who is capable of hitting the higher notes. His vocal style is very eloquent. His vocals are often Accompanied with very nice choruses. Guitarists Uwe Reitenauer and Alfred Koffler are extremely skilled. They display sharp guitar hooks like George Lynch (ex-Dokken) and flashy guitar leads like John Petrucci of Dream Theater. There is no keyboard player listed on the current line up or past line ups by SOM. But I can hear the keyboards on this album and they are an important part of these songs. These songs are very cyclic and the emphasis seems to revolve around the triad of the vocals, guitars, and keyboard playing. The bass playing of Dennis Ward is usually subtle, so that it does not overpower the vocals Guitars . But at times his bass playing becomes very heavy, yet melodic. The drum play of Kosta Zafiriou is also very good, but not very flashy. So it does not detract attention from the guitars or keyboards.

On Disc 1, The Children Of The Dawn, has expert guitar playing like Dream Theater. It also has some nice choruses. Do You Like It Like That, is a very melodic song, with guitar licks that are razor sharp. It's Accompanied with some nice keyboard playing. It has a great rhythm and a positive mood. I like to hear vocalist David Readman talk between the songs, he speaks great English and is very witty. Hell's Gone Crazy has some catchy guitar hooks. The Hour Of Freedom has a rhythm that's similar to the Tool song, Sober. I'm Not Afraid starts off with a sizzling guitar solo similar to Eruption, by Van Halen. The vocals are good, with nice choruses. This song is melodic with sharp guitar licks, it sounds like a Dokken song. Carnaby Road is a heavier song with a nice rhythm. The Spirit is a nice song with a fusion of keyboards and guitars. This song exhibits a very fine performance with vocal choruses. This song rivals Dream Theater.

On disc 2, Livin 'My Life For You, has a very nice progressive metal sound. It sounds so good that I got a head rush, the first 2 times that I had listened to it. It's got a nice rocking rhythm, flashy guitar work, with great vocals and choruses. Welcome The Night starts off with some very intricate and melodic shredding. This song inverts into a cool Deep Purple style in the middle and then reverts back to the same style that it started with. Seas Of Madness has a bad ass rhythm, with the guitars sounding something like George Lynch. Keep Your Mind On The Twisted is a real rocker. It rocks at a faster tempo and is more intense than the preceding songs. No Way Out is a metal anthem. It has a great rhythm, flashy guitar licks and intense vocals, and nice choruses. Shame has a very melodic keyboard rhythm, lots of choruses, and it reminds me of the music of Symphony X. So Lonely / No Woman No Cry, has a rhythm that's sounds similar to the Led Zeppelin song, D'yer Maker. Then it inverts into a very nice progressive metal rhythm. The song reverts back to the Led Zeppelin style and then inverts back to the progressive metal.

I like both discs, but I think that Disc 2 is better. Spirit Of Metal has got this band listed as melodic power metal. But I think that their style of music is more like progressive metal. Because of the use of the keyboards, the flashy guitar playing, and the eloquent singing with choruses. I love this album. It makes me feel good, because it's got such a positive mood. Fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Dokken will probably want to buy this album. I did.

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