Listen to the Color

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Band Name Arsonists Get All The Girls
Album Name Listen to the Color
Type Album
Data de aparición 01 Agosto 2013
Labels Self-Released
Enregistrado en Castle Ultimate Studios
Estilo MusicalDeathcore
Miembros poseen este álbum13


1. Setting Course for Disaster 00:41
2. When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was Still a Planet 00:34
3. Bottle City 02:21
4. MK-Ultra: Psychotropic Puppets 01:17
5. MK-Delta: Glorified Killers (ft. Cameron Reed) 03:39
6. Disease Test the Best 01:52
7. Balloon Battle 02:44
8. Listen to the Color (ft. Robby Bancroft of Five Characters In Search Of An Exit) 02:50
9. Beast Fist 00:42
10. Bardonis Chronicles 00:19
11. Play the Sheep 02:21
12. My Newest Vision (ft. Robbie Smith of Heavy Heavy Low Low) 01:42
13. Ride the Wave (ft. Garin Rosen) 01:27
14. Watchers 04:02
15. Sunny Places for Shady People 02:54
Total playing time 29:25

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Arsonists Get All The Girls

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