Keep the Faith

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Band Name Bon Jovi
Album Name Keep the Faith
Type Album
Data de aparición 03 Noviembre 1992
Estilo MusicalHard FM
Miembros poseen este álbum260


Re-Issue in 2010 by Mercury with 2 bonustracks.
 I Believe
 Keep the Faith
 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
 In These Arms
 Bed of Roses
 If I Was Your Mother
 Dry County
 Woman in Love
 I Want You
 Blame It on the Love of Rock and Roll
 Little Bit of Soul

 Save a Prayer (European Release)
 Keep the Faith (Live) (Re-Issue 2010)
 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Live) (Re-Issue 2010)

Total playing time: 01:11:09

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Crónica @ ChristopherJRM

15 Septiembre 2010
Bon Jovi. The name is enough to make some readers close this immediately and go see something else. It can also be good to keep some more dedicated fans happy for seeing somebody defending them and putting them in a privileged position to agree and feel integrated and confident. Bon Jovi is a case of a good band that presentes quality but it's not for the taste of anyone, so that's why I made the division.
I decided to talk about "Keep the Faith" in part due to the fact that I posess a vinyl copy in my closet. A childhood item. So it has an unavoidable personal spotlight. Another reason to talk about this record is because it represents the transition in the musical path of these New Jersey Rockers. The previous decade had been marked by Glam Metal, which they Dry Countyed popularize with the Dry County of other bands. With the fall of the fashion and the "death" of the style and attention given to it and that sort of bands - it reached the point when the bands became self-parody, accidentally - Bon Jovi were one of the first ones to think it didn't make any sense to keep on doing the same and without even considering to end the band. Just change the course. The messy hair of Jon Bon Jovi was cut, because that look that once was ridiculous but fashion, then it was just ridiculous. The lower parts of the body of the band members also had some more freedom, since they didn't need to wear tight pants anymore. By chance, Bon Jovi weren't one of the bands that wore make up, but if they did, they would save a little money for not buying those items anymore. The band's sound - the most important, don't forget, although I've been kidding around about their looks - also ripened up and it wasn't that boring Glam Metal that got the Rock listeners of that time sick and tired anymore, and they choosed to do a simpler Hard Rock, modern, mature, comfortable... Something contemporary... Like it's Radio Heavy Rock... - atenttion to when I say "heavy", don't make the verb bigger. With this, Bon Jovi had the conditions to make a more creative record and more free, with space to let escape some ambition and use influences from previous decades, from what Pop/Rock of back then had to offer and also national influences from the good American Rock, à-la Springsteen. The result is what you can hear. A record, that although it doesn't blow the player where it's being played, with originality to each second that goes, it's still good enough to have a spotlight on the group's discography, to please the delighted fans - and I mean the fans that get delighted by the band's music and not the "fans" that get delighted with Jon Bon Jovi - and to mark a little position on the 90's decade. In the filling , one can find good Hard Rock songs, singles like "Keep the Faith". "In These Arms" and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" that since the First Time you hear you know it's that kind of song that you expect being sang full lungs by euphoric fans on the band's shows from then on; "Dry County", that deserves being isolated as one of the biggest and inspired creations of Bon Jovi, with a delicious composition that almost hits 10 minutes and the ballad "Bed of Roses", to melt and ask for more. The kind of music a guy has because his girlfriend hears it, but secretly also likes it. It's OK, seriously, the song is awesome. To everyone who don't like Bon Jovi, it's easy, you put this record aside, you have your rights and you don't listen to it. You have your reason. But is there anything wrong with liking a record from this precise band? Is there anything negative on going wild and vibrating with the songs of Jovi, Sambora, Torres and Bryan? - at this time, they also had the underrated John Such. I think not. And ask the same questions to the people who fill up the arenas where they pass by...

Original review written in Portuguese, on my blog, where it was made Classic of the Month.

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