Intrinsic Indecency

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Band Name Amagortis
Album Name Intrinsic Indecency
Type Album
Data de aparición 30 Julio 2010
Labels Brutal Bands
Estilo MusicalBrutal Death
Miembros poseen este álbum13


1. Anal Apoptosis 02:24
2. Lacerate Sever Burn 02:10
3. Misplaced Mastectomy 02:49
4. Intrinsic Indecency 02:13
5. Drenched in Diarrhea 02:36
6. Carnivorous Crackpipe Consumption 02:58
7. If You Can't Fuck It, Duct It 02:30
8. Methamatics of Panic 02:29
9. Cannibal Obsession 02:22
10. Pulmonary Insemination 02:42
11. 2 S.H.C. 01:10
12. Acrotomophiliac 03:53
Total playing time 30:16

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Crónica @ GandhiEgo

16 Febrero 2011

A good-but-should-have-been-better release. For die-hard fans of Slam Death Metal.

What’s the common feature between Amagortis and Napalm Death? They probably had both as many line-up changes! Joke aside, the Swiss band has had three albums released so far since 2001 and almost a different line-up for each release. Nonetheless, not only the releases keep coming but they maintain this sound of theirs, namely: Slamming Brutal Death Metal.

Now “Slam” Death Metal is a genre rather confined to the USA with bands like Devourment or Lividity and, well, countless other acts which need no mentioning here. Still Amagortis raise their Swiss flag and just released Intrinsic Indecency, their third album, which follows 2007's Pre-Natal Cannibalism which garnered some positive reviews within the underground.

Where Pre-Natal Cannibalism showed some nice promises of better things to come, one can’t help thinking that their newest release did not fullfill all of those promises. Sure the material is catchy, slammy at will, but the riffing is a bit average and the production kind of lacks in “power”. Production in this genre can be most times not on par with, for instance, behemoths like Hate Eternal or Hour of Penance, but it is always counterbalanced by added aggression, morbidity or pure simple madness. Which is not always the case on Intrinsic Indecency where only a few tracks (namely Carnivorous Crackpipe Consumption, If You Can't Fuck It, Duct It and Acrotomophiliac) stand above the rest as excellent brutal and sick tracks while the rest is “generic” Slamming Death Metal that you wouldn’t tell apart from any other band.

That being said, this is no turn off and the short duration of the album helps to avoid “ennui” but then again, Pre-Natal Cannibalism seems like it was in most ways better than this release. Why? Well, let's fart around... The obvious guess would be: “guys! stay together for more than one record!”, because that’s how it feels, bits of breaks, riffs and putrid “siphon” vocals put together a bit too scholarly at times.

Intrinsic Indecency will not unfortunately be the album of the consecration for the Swiss. It’s good but not mind-blowing, it has very good moments but also songs that shouldn’t have been there. Would it have been better to release an EP rather than a full-blown album? It’s not my place to answer… So take this as some good-but-should-have-been-better release and let’s all wait for this fourth record that'll definitely kick more asses.

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