Into a Reign of Pain

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Band Name Ever Since
Album Name Into a Reign of Pain
Type Demo
Data de aparición 2001
Labels Self-Released
Estilo MusicalMelodic Black Death
Miembros poseen este álbum6


1. My Goddess 05:35
2. Strangeness 05:04
3. Cruel Disillusion 06:46
4. Incessant Wind 05:42
5. Dark Horizons of My Mind 07:34
Total playing time 30:41

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Ever Since

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Crónica @ Mika_Helvetia

05 Febrero 2006
Carved in the rock of the powerful Alps of Valais, Ever Since is a group full with hope and which deserves that one is interested much more in him...
That is to say! After the words, the acts! And what could be more concrete than to make a review of their first work recorded into live! And of for a group who begins, it is a sound live of a remarkable quality!
This album of Ever Since is described rather precisely by the majority of the listeners, like Dark Sympho! Let us start with Strangeness which launches in a way fulgurating battery and guitars on a skinned and rocky howl! Some calm passages, a small discrete symphonic melody with the keyboards and dry cords accompanied by a very calm clear voice.Respite of short duration which will be broken by sonorities more Heavy and a return of the raucous voice on a very powerfull battery. A piece at the same time melancholic person and powerful with already remarkable compositions being given youth of the group! Fluid and funeral keyboards taken again by riffs also entrainants!
Cruel Desilusion presents keyboards with the role more significant than the preceding track and a darker side to us having forsaken the small side melancholic person of Strangeness!
To also note a small winterly key which gives you shivers in the back (distress?). One finishes in a tone of total depresses !
Then one enchaine with my favorit piece ; My Goddess! Some dry goods agreements, taken again successively by a splendid battery which will seem to try to destroy her double pedals on several occasions and of the yelling and demonic gratts! One alternates fast, fluid and powerful passages with drier and heavy ends!
With Incessant Wind this is a different register... Although the battery is always also energy, the piece is heavier and less depressive! One will find an admirable passage in second half with a solo of sumptuous guitar and a return of these funerary keyboards plunging you into full in a cemetery!
One clot the whole with Dark Horizons Of My Mind. The saddest piece and sinks of the album with speed keyboards and depressed riffs, at the limit of the suicide. A piece very emotive and major which close this excellent album ! Already finished? I will point out to you in end that each track lasts between 5 and 7min30!

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