Hometown Heroin

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Band Name Greber
Album Name Hometown Heroin
Type EP
Data de aparición 2010
Estilo MusicalSludge Metal
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1. Intro
2. Cavedweller
3. Bullfighting Accident
4. The Saddest Joke Ever Told
5. Hometown Heroin
6. Carriers
7. Bonebath
8. Outro

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Crónica @ GandhiEgo

12 Enero 2011

Violent and yet melancholy at the same time.

Greber is somehow not that much of a newcomer but more likely a side-project for two musicians having a full-time job in other bands.
On one hand, Steve Vargas handling the drums from Tugnut and on the other hand Marc Bourgon also from Tugnut and atypical Grindcore act Fuck the Facts handling the vocals and the bass guitar. Wait... No guitars? That's right, no guitars, so technically speaking Greber is a Drum n’ Bass band. Wait, does that sound right?

Okay, let's not go through all the Metal bands that chose not to incorporate guitars in their lineup because now is not the time to do so. Look for yourself. On the other hand, what exactly do you think this would sound like knowing that half of the band is a Grindcore veteran?

Good question. As much as I hate the comparison because I think I was drawn to it by the name of this debut EP, Hometown Heroin, I see in Greber a Metal version of Morphine minus the sax. It's heavy as fuck and in this regard would be very easy to compare it to Sludge bands like Toadliquor or Eyehategod except it sometimes leans on the Grindcore side and has some dreamier parts reminiscent of Elbow (The Saddest Joke Ever Told) than the aforementioned Sludge gods.

That very mixture of Grindcore and Post-Hardcore elements makes it very easy to come with the fatuous term: Post-Grindcore. Since Greber’s music does not enter readily made genres like Doom Metal or Death Metal, the shortcut to Post-Grindcore seems just about right. Absence of guitars does not mean lack of power. Quite on the contrary: the Canadian duet probably knew that they'd face that "power issue” from the start and have acted accordingly to prevent too easy attacks on them. Bass play here is genuinely intriguing, played with variety and yet haunting in its very own "riffing" while the drums accompany it with subtleties so that you're not stuck with something that'd sound a bit too monolithic. These two musicians are great not only because they've mastered their instruments but because they bring real emotions. On few occasions, you can hear notes of piano or ambient noise that are more here to add to atmospheres than to cover something absent.

Violent and yet melancholy at the same time just like Canada is (at least the way I picture it), Hometown Heroin is not that hard to get into. Chances are you’ll soon not care about that band having guitars or not and just be drawn into their sad and yet punchy atmospheres. Only bad point in Hometown Heroin? It's short, 22 minutes that make you play this on repeat and yearn for something more substantial to come. Soon. Please.

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miniradman - 12 Enero 2011: mabey this band should fall into the avantgard section cos it sounds very weird.
AngelsShallFall - 31 Enero 2011: Thanks for your advice on the Grind forum. I'll try to find this album, post-grindcore without guitars may be an interesting concept. Violence plus melancholy ? As a FTF fan, I can probably like it. If I find this album I would give you a feelback !
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