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Band Name Early Graves
Album Name Goner
Type Album
Data de aparición 22 Junio 2010
Estilo MusicalDeath Thrash
Miembros poseen este álbum3


1. Goner 03:04
2. Faith is Shit 02:15
3. Old Bones 01:58
4. Rot 01:46
5. MayDay 04:04
6. Wraiths 03:59
7. Trauma 02:31
8. Give Up 02:30
9. Bastard Tears 01:30
10. Harm 02:08
Total playing time 25:55

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Crónica @ CLucker666

04 Octubre 2012

The perfect band to mosh to

I saw Early Graves last night with Havok and Skeletonwitch and all these bands put on an amazing show. Early Graves definitely seemed to be the underdog of the three considering not many people had heard them before. One of those people being me. But I thought they had a spectacular performance so I picked up this album being that they played a lot of songs off of it. The current singer and the singer in this album are different though. There previous singer died in a van accident in 2010(R.I.P). The band did not know if they were going to continue but the new guy that does vocals for them now stepped up and he was actually in the van that night. So all the band members definitely have a strong personal connection. Well onto the album.

The guitars are real crunchy in the album but they do not amount to how they were live. They were pretty much the crunchiest sounding guitars I had ever heard last night. Sometimes it sounds sloppy but it is actually pretty cool because it just adds more to the anger of the record and there is a lot of guitar squealing that sounds pretty messy but I like that also cause they did it perfectly the way it is in the CD when they played it live so it just seemed really awesome to me. They have a real fast and raw sound to them. The album in general is real fast and raw sounding though. I think the guitars are the main reason for the underground/raw sound to it though. It is a metal blade produced record but it does not have your normal As I Lay Dying, Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse, or Six Feet Under quality to it. It sounds more like a self produced record but I much rather it be that way since it just seems like the type of music that needs that sound. This whole album sounds like spine crushing chaos and with perfect quality it would most likely lessen that effect to it.

Now this band is not Death Thrash like SOM says they are. They are much more than that, they incorporate old school death metal, hardcore punk, a little thrash metal, and definitely some grindcore. If I had to give it one genre I would probably say it is closer to Death Grind. Almost every song is fast as hell with an intense riff followed by a fucking crazy blast beat or just an insanely fast drum pattern. A few songs have a melodic sound to them but only like 2. One of those being Wraiths. I recommend you guys check out that one cause it is one of my favorites along with Give up.

Well Goner is definitely an extremely heavy album and will just blast your ears with anger and fury for 25 minutes. 25 minutes is probably the only thing I could complain about with Goner. That is just too short. A 10 song record should be over 30 minutes at least in my opinion. Well Early Graves is an awesome band to see live and this album is awesome so I recommend picking it up if you can get to one of their 63 shows on the forever abomination tour. I gave Goner a 17/20.

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