Ghost Reborn

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Band Name Twilight Guardians
Album Name Ghost Reborn
Type Album
Data de aparición 07 Noviembre 2007
Producido por Esa Orjatsalo
Estilo MusicalMelodic Heavy
Miembros poseen este álbum8


1. Glasschains
2. Rainbow's Gold
3. Wildbite
4. The Game
5. Bring It on
6. Walk This Line
7. The Weight
8. This Blood
9. Fallen Lamb
10. Out of Our Hands

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Crónica @ Julien

11 Noviembre 2007
Well, so here is the fourth album of the Finnish Twilight Guardians. Such a name can only mean it’s going to some kind of melodic heavy metal, and indeed it is. Having got rid of the neo-classical touches of its debuts, the band offers us a very interesting album but that won’t be enough to move the band to the next level.

Despite showing a lot of skills, the band constantly miss the little extra thing that makes the difference. When listening to Ghost Reborn I really entered in the band’s universe. The music is surprisingly diverse, the soli are technical and demonstrative, the keyboard player goes up and down in his gamut at a spanking pace and despite all of this, nothing. Or let say not many emotions coming out of this technically perfect album, which ends up being a little too much lifeless. At its debuts, the band hasn’t got enough personality, the sources of inspiration being too obvious and present. Having now lost this too neo-classical touch, the band starts showing us something more mature, nearly more progressive in fact. But despite the large set of riffs, the album gives the impression to go round in circles in its Finnish cage. The album it technically a success, but that’s all.

To continue with defaults, the singer is clearly technically below the musicians. Vesa Virtanen lacks strength and conviction. As a consequence, the parts potentially heavier are not very exciting. Yes, he sings right, but it’s also necessary to be able to send strength when necessary. But who knows, this deficiency is maybe overtaken on stage, but I’m not sure.
Apart from that, the production is quite good, everything is well balanced. Twilight Guardians has this Nordic quality and that’s a good thing.

Even if I seem a little disappointed, this album is not fundamentally bad. It’s only that some originality is cruelly missing and the limited voice for this type of metal should give regrets to the band.

Translated by Heavyboy

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