Gallop Meets the Earth

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Band Name Protest The Hero
Album Name Gallop Meets the Earth
Type Live
Data de aparición 29 Septiembre 2009
Estilo MusicalProgressive Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum18


1. Sequoia Throne 04:23
2. No Stars Over Bethlehem 04:36
3. Bloodmeat 04:01
4. The Dissentience 05:23
5. Palms Read 03:22
6. Blindfolds Aside 05:30
7. Goddess Bound 03:11
8. Goddess Gagged 04:44
9. Spoils 02:57
10. Nautical 06:39
11. Limb from Limb 05:35
Total playing time 48:21
DVD Bonus Features
Director's cut with documentary of the set and the whole show day
"Spoils" music video
Whistler Outback ski adventure video
Four live tour videos cut overtop of studio audio tracks
"Wake and Funnel" beer adventure bonus feature
"Stop Moshing" bonus feature piece
Protest the Hero show rider access bonus
An angry letter from a fan