Fractal Possession

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Band Name Abigor
Album Name Fractal Possession
Type Album
Data de aparición 02 Mayo 2007
Estilo MusicalBlack Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum105


 Cold Void Choir
 Lairf of Infinite Deparation
 3D Blasphemy
 The Fire Syndrom
 Injection Satan
 Libery Rises a Diagonal Flame
 Vapourzied Tears
 Heaven Unveiled

Total playing time: 52:44

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Crónica @ boltthrower666

03 Julio 2008
After break of six years, Abigor finally released new album and I think it was worth of waiting. Probably many people will not like Fractal Possession, because it's so experimental and weird, but I think this is more or less a logical continuation of their previous album. I am a big fan of the old school black metal and I don't like the most of the modern stuff, but I simply can not deny the brilliance of this album. You should be just a little open minded to understand that this is how they think black metal of today should sound.

When I played Fractal Possession for the first time : I was very nervous while the intro was going, because Abigor was always one of my favorite bands and I feared that they will not fill up my expectations, but when first song begun the fear was gone.
With every next riff the music was becoming more and more exciting and insane. When first two minutes passed I was thinking that 99% of the today's black metal bands should split up, because almost everything sounds miserable in comparison to this and that feeling lasted for the entire album.
I can not describe how much I was excited while I was listening to this. There is no other band that can be compared with this ; everything is so original, fresh and new. Fractal Possession will surely become a classic in years to come. Songs are very complex and technical, but everything is perfectly arranged. There are so many different parts in every song, but nothing sounds out of place. I noticed that with every next listen I hear some things that I did not hear before. The new vocalist did excellent job too. His vocals are very diverse and varied. In some moments, he reminds me to Attila Csihar from Mayhem. The reason why I didn't give this album a perfect rating is because some parts are not that memorable, but just a few parts here and there.

I hope Fractal Possession will influence other people, because so many things can be learned from this. One is that you can not make good music unless you sacrifice a lot of your time and put a lot of effort in what you are doing. It's clear that these people dedicated their lives to this art. With this album, Abigor placed themselves on the throne of the black metal scene, beside bands as Deathspell Omega, Enthroned, Marduk, Watain and maybe just few others.

My favorite songs :
"Project:Shadow", "Lair Of Infinite Desperation", "Injection Satan"…

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gelal - 05 Julio 2008: Thanks for this my friend, Abigor is a great band and has create great musik. I have this Album and it is one the best from this band.
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