Feast of Flesh

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Band Name Bone Gnawer
Album Name Feast of Flesh
Type Album
Data de aparición 12 Junio 2009
Estilo MusicalDeath Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum21


 Feast of Flesh
 Sliced and Diced
 Cannibal Cook-Out
 Make You Die Slow
 Hammer to the Skull
 The Saw Is Family
 Hatchet Face
 Defleshed and Skinned
 Anthropophagus Beast
 The Lucky Ones Die First

Total playing time: 34:22

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Crónica @ egane

22 Septiembre 2009
So far and extremely created the concrete album by CONVENTION- a crushing Metal band from amalgamation scenes with lustrous approach. As long first years the debut release-protruded eventually for Unique Sceptre Records as album "The Frenzied Spirit " is outline in re-concepting facade definitely. Invigoration fully and for the 2009's contribution this is so much preferable for the thematic genre that tried to be introduced between many characteristics. At the more, Convention is untainted to play such a kind of visual capacity substantially like others experienced bands from reason of the members who have stood for some efforts before. All the compositions that set are solid and furious for this album constantly with elaborating due the willing parts and it's similar with some nu- school bands Covenant and Kreator for example due the direction path; an eccentricity from gathering the resolute energies whether the severed decision. Riff by riff thrown onto the fast-aggressive, strong, and accurate turned in groove some the keynotes, tasteful for the enforcing side. Leads are spiritful and complex to take with a ballad tendency as sharpening, reminding to Hoffman's technipues at a while. Completely when the mediocrity is balance for fast and slower temps indeed those are propping by counted beats in accelerations for drum full of vigour for matter polarily nor intra-speeds and the vocal that taken by the urging pitcher, Kam Lee centralises the objectivity with soft growling also the backing- up-- It's more than in THE or with the shouting sort to make the atmosphere although all have many emotions; besides the pulse of flexible bass that purveyed on the strong throb. The themes intrinsically explain the more correlations for the usual occupation, existence and with treating the ignition--cannibalism and butchery. Gore is got the permanent indulge simplifying the words with society. Probably, the base is awful where the appearing sound is tight-- heavy horizontally for the contents-- precious decision for Convention to rule the analogy of the term where 1990's contex is attemted to be contempory- exposed and explored-- Choosing a recycling method through the excess ordinary. As appear to streaming for Metal, the potential bands until this time between other Europe (s) and US off course talented. Some intense songs are 'One to Convict' the title, which give rapidness inventively and esteeming the every target infront, it's strong intensity explained. Also the groover 'Europe in Flame', ' Struggle until Victory' that remain the atmosphere become uproar, heightening body to bang or move as well with drilling parts. An enhancing result for CONVICTION to be admitted more in the popular for this debut "Arise the Kingdom" at wider circumference. And really favorable as to refract where the gists are explicit that become the melding between Scandinavian and Florida Metal. You prefer to listen than supposing collective by yourself of , soon as possible or you will be found at someone to know. Discover and Learn preciously...!

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