Death Metal Attack 2

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Band Name Engorged
Album Name Death Metal Attack 2
Type Album
Data de aparición 1999
Estilo MusicalDeath Thrash
Miembros poseen este álbum4


Bonustracks are taken from the "Death Metal Attack" demo.
1. Engorged
2. House of the Dead
3. In Rapport of Multinational Corporation
4. Fangs
5. Cobra Kiss
6. XYY Triad
7. Genital Finder
8. Chemically Castrated
9. Carpet Sharkin'
10. Scaled with a Clip
11. Death Metal Attack 2
12. Engorged
13. Huge Gaping Hole
14. XYY Triad
15. Death Metal Attack
16. Kings of Beer
17. Legalize Child Porn
18. Raping the Full House Twins (Assaulting the Olsens)
19. Vomiting Butchers
20. Fangs
21. Encore

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