Dead by Christmas

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Band Name Hanoi Rocks
Album Name Dead by Christmas
Type Compilation
Data de aparición 1986
Labels Raw Power
Estilo MusicalHard Rock
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Limited to 10000 copies. Contains a Flexi Single: "Do the Duck"
1. Oriental Beat (Live)
2. Back to Mystery City (Live)
3. Love's an Injection
4. Lightning Bar Blues
5. Mental Beat
6. Malibu Beach (Calypso)
7. M.C. Baby
8. Village Girl
9. Taxi Driver
10. Tragedy
11. Visitor (Live)
12. Ice Cream Summer
13. Whishper in the Dark
14. Cheyenne
15. No Law and Order
16. Fallen Star
17. Dead by Christmas
18. Lost in the City
19. Don't Never Leave Me (Live)
20. Under My Wheels (Live)
21. I Feel Alright (Live)