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Band Name Rose Funeral
Album Name Crucify.Kill.Rot.
Type Album
Data de aparición Marzo 2007
Estilo MusicalDeathcore
Miembros poseen este álbum52


1. Crucify.Kill.Rot
2. God's Hideous Creation
3. Sledge Hammer Face Lift
4. The Well
5. Intereo Diu
6. Dawning the Resurrection
7. State of Decay
8. Eternal Regret
9. Under a Godless Sky
10. Buried Amongst the Flames

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Rose Funeral

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Crónica @ CLucker666

19 Abril 2012

Breakdown Heaven

This is Rose Funeral's first album and probably their most amateur album. Do not take that the wrong way, it is still a really good album. It just isn't up to Gates of Punishment standards. Now this album does have some variety in it, which I like a lot. I really really like the intro and the interlude song, they just give the album a lot of feeling and keep you interested. Now if you are one of those people who hate breakdowns then stay away from this album and stop reading now.

There is one specific song that has my favorite breakdown, The Well. It has a cool kind of generic chug sound but the vocalist part is great. He says, "Raise the dead, Feast on the living"! He says it over and over but I am glad because it is just awesome lyrics and it flows perfectly with the breakdown. Another good breakdown is the title track(intro). It pretty much does the same thing except it says crucify kill rot. But because it is close to the same thing is probably why it is really awesome.

Intereo Diu is the interlude track and it sounds really emotional. It has a soothing guitar part with a deep voice whispering and rain pouring in the background. The rain is kind of silent but pay attention and you will feel like your watching a movie.

The drumming in this album is really good. The snare drum sounds kind of weird but thats easy to get over. It just sounds really clicky I guess. He hits the snare VERY fast after some breakdowns. He just seems like he can very from extremely fast blasts into slow heavy breakdowns with ease and thats pretty much all they needed in Crucify. Kill. Rot.

There is not much else to say about this album. I guess what you would say is that it is an example of "Pure Deathcore." Which Crinn always says in his reviews and I feel like this is a great example. Well if you listen to a few songs but don't feel like listening to the whole album I would reccomend Eternal Regret, The Well, and State Of Decay. Well that is about it, I give this album a 16/20.

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Comentario @ gamewiz432

16 Junio 2011

a very fantastic album

The debut album and Rose Funeral already knows what they're doing and know how to make good deathcore. From the title of the album, intro song and the lyrics to the whole intro you can make the assumption these guys are very anti-religous. If you are offended by the following this album isn't for you: anti-religous statements, murder, torture, rape etc.

This band doesn't have the most technical riffs or drum beats, but the way it all meshes together for an epic adventure is by far the most astounding part of this band. Breakdowns are in an abundance in this album,(lyrics in the breakdowns have to deal with mutilation of some sort) but they create a great fucking breakdown to where you almost have to headbang. Also they are pros at coming out of a breakdown, usually going with a faster riff and high screams galore!

Unlike most deathcore albums Rose Funeral has quite a bit of variety from the more melodic (Buried Amongst Flames) to pure brutality (State Of Decay). Also the two soothing skits that mix rainfall, a heavy voice, violins, and finally an epic break down.

Rose Funeral started the album off on a great note with the four intro songs, then two skits, finally ending with an epic lineup of state of decay, eternal regret, under a godless sky, and finally buried amongst flames. If you are a fan of great sounding deathcore, do yourself a favor and give this a listen or twenty!

a well deserved 18/20

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