Crucial Unit - Municipal Waste

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Band Name Crucial Unit
Album Name Crucial Unit - Municipal Waste
Type Split
Data de aparición Febrero 2002
Estilo MusicalCrossover
Miembros poseen este álbum5


1. Five Inches of Oppressio
2. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for No Screamo
3. Nine Hundred Samosas
4. Wall of Death the Chain of Life
5. I Heard Mayday Was a Riot
6. Scrabble Punx
7. Million Dollar Thrash Song
8. This Machine Kills Buffets
9. Thrashaholics Unanimous
10. The Garbage Stomp (Intro)
11. Wicked Fit
12. Poser Disposer
13. Chemical Artillery (The Toxic Survival)
14. Insurance Fraud
15. Scantron Slamathon (Detention Mosh Session, Part 2)
16. Born to Party
17. Abusement Park
18. Percy's Trip to the Dentist
19. Haunted Junkyard

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Crucial Unit

Municipal Waste