Blood Fueled Chaos

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Band Name Caliber 666
Album Name Blood Fueled Chaos
Type Album
Data de aparición 16 Noviembre 2010
Estilo MusicalDeath Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum3


1. To the Killing Fields
2. Black Smoke
3. Let the Blood Flow
4. Incineration
5. A Part of the Art
6. The Worthless
7. Frontline
8. Serpents Walk
9. Genocide
10. Morphing

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Crónica @ heavymetaltribune

06 Febrero 2012

a more brutal approach to Swedish death metal

Swedish death metal band Caliber 666 releases their debut album 3 years after their previous demo under famed death metal record label, Ibex Moon Records. Featuring 7 new tracks, along with 3 songs that were previously written for the demo, Blood Fueled Chaos is the result of the band's efforts since their formation in 2005. Swedish death metal, as already evident, is not a genre that I particularly fancy, so listening to Caliber 666's Blood Fueled Chaos initially certainly left me slightly cautious of the same boring clichés that Swedish death metal bands have tended to reuse over and over again.

Surprisingly though, Blood Fueled Chaos opens and hits the listener hard, with To the Killing Fields presenting listeners with a heavy riff and a meaty and chunky guitar tone. As the song begins proper after the initial build up though, the band goes back to the tried and tested style of songwriting that bands of similar genre tends to play at, though Caliber 666 gives a different taste to the music with the trebly trem-picked riffs that alternates with heavier chugging sections. The band has also managed to shroud the music with a moody atmosphere, providing a dark backdrop amidst the chaos in the music, that helps to further improve the listening experience of Blood Fueled Chaos.

Throughout the album, the band makes use of similar formulae in their songwriting approach, with the songs on the album often alternating between faster and harder hitting sections and slower and darker moments, and this makes songs on the album have a predictable feel about them. While this could please fans who find enjoyment in familiarity, it does cause the album to end up sounding boring at the same time. Furthermore, songs like Black Smoke end weakly, sounding as if the band is unsure how they really want to end the song and deciding to just end it with some random-sounding guitar wankery. Among these weaker moments though, the band does shine with tracks like Incineration being some of the stronger songs on the album, with the perfect blend of melody and aggression.

That said though, each of the musicians in Caliber 666 is capable on his instrument, and their technical capabilities are evident throughout the album. Props go to the rhythm section of bassist Jim and drummer Peter, on top of their rhythmic duties, often break into sections to display the flair on their instruments. Bassist Jim also helps in providing that low-end growl on the album, helping to enforce that dark and heavy atmosphere of the music. The band also displays their influences throughout, with the energetic riffs on A Part of the Art reminding the listener of a more brutal Amon Amarth. Blood Fueled Chaos, while faltering at times, is certainly still a commendable effort by Caliber 666 for a debut full length album, and in short is a more brutal approach to Swedish death metal than most newer bands that attempt to emulate the similar style.

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