Black Tooth

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Band Name Black Tooth (IRL)
Album Name Black Tooth
Type Demo
Data de aparición 27 Marzo 2008
Labels Self-Released
Estilo MusicalStoner
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1. Rumour
2. Southern Steel
3. Shellshock
4. The Eye

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Black Tooth (IRL)

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Crónica @ GandhiEgo

27 Octubre 2009
Black Tooth hail from Ireland and should not be confused with the Turks bearing the same moniker and also playing that stonerish southernish heavy metal that the Irishmen play themselves. Seems there's some kind of thing with bands playing stoner and black teeth for there is another Black Tooth Grin from the USA.

Formed in 2005, they “released” in 2008 their own eponymous electronic demo/EP. 4 tracks that you may listen to on their Myspace. I guess they're looking for some kind of record deal and I certainly hope they will get signed. Black Tooth does not play the most original music in the world but they play it well enough.

Considering they belong to the stoner doom genre, it's actually good news that they're not too original. Most bands that made a name for themselves in this genre have always presented very little novelty and a huge tendency to respect the music of their elders. What elders? Black Sabbath, of course.

Rumour, the opening track, is your perfect tribute to Black Sabbath, and Tagdh screaming “Master Of Reality” in one of the tracks is proof enough of where the band's influences lies. Obviously, it's not just Black Sabbath here. I hear many other things somehow with a more “raw” feel to it with Southern Steel taking stuff from Kyuss or Penance here and there giving it that “desert” touch that is most welcome and The Eye which draws more on the sludge side of things with even some thrashy attitude.

The music is not as loud as Electric Wizard but rather keeps this aerial thing very reminiscent of the aforementioned Kyuss and on occasions Tool. Maybe it was not intended that way. Maybe listening to Myspace streaming with headphones on my laptop does not serve those guys' purpose but hell, that's all I got for freaking streaming. Probably they deserve that increased loudness to their music but it's also likely that they aimed solely at something more atmospheric.

Let's hope they get some “Dorrian” treatment for their next release. If you like elegant stoner (smoke from the joint, not the bong), check these guys out on their Myspace.

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