Black Moon

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Band Name Paco Ventura
Album Name Black Moon
Type Album
Data de aparición 2015
Labels Self-Released
Estilo MusicalGuitar Hero
Miembros poseen este álbum1


1. Vencer Tu Miedo
2. Black Moon
3. El Final
4. Solo por Ti
5. El Juego
6. Despiertame
7. En Tu Piel
8. Fragil Cristal
9. Por Ti Volare
10. Buscando la Luz
11. Get over It Forever
12. The End
13. Fragile Crystal
14. Arabestia
15. The End (Version Acustica)

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14 Febrero 2016

Paco Ventura - Black Moon (2015)

Paco Ventura is the guitarist of Medina Azahara, among many commitments and takes time to mount a side project how Black Moon, his other band and has a luxury collaborators, just look at the poster.

Is a happy album, Rock in a lifetime, without any pretensions, sound: freer Deep Purple, Rainbow, Kansas ... etc, impossible to sound more classic, perhaps Paco in his project is in Medina Azahara, and covers many more styles. The album has very good cuts, how the Black Moon, a subject that sounds like a lot to Axel Rudi Pell stage in Jeff Scott Soto, removing his first albums, maybe the best stage of Teutonic guitarist.

The Final is half time with a great work on keyboards, sounds like "Perfect Strangers" of the Purple and the White Rat, is an album very carefully, good sound and a great arrangements, I am sure that when you take These issues will lift direct much anticipation.

Total melody Only for you, maybe the problem is that everything is very classic and remind you of a big band, for example, to me this issue reminds me of the "Rescue You" by John Lee Turner, but the Rock is the only genre that remains the same for 20 years.

Black Moon in John Norum involved, as to the game, the star guest is Mr. Patrick Rondat, a very good guitarist progressive. One of my favorites is Wake me, has a much darker, perhaps more progressive rhythms.

A fun court is the duet guitars on your skin, I agree with Paco, Bruce Kulick is the best guitarist who passed Kiss and of course sounds something a Kiss, and Classic Rock Spanish lifelong, very Red Baron . It is impossible to break away from Medina Azahara such as Andalusian airs and so characteristic of the band East issues arise in how fragile glass. One issue that brings me back to the youth is because of you I will fly, a cut that takes you back to the eighties when Apple emulated the Whitesnake.

Two of the stars are issues in which participates Turner, former Rainbow singer eternal ... he did everything possible to jump on the bandwagon of the Rainbow, but could not be for him, the gruff Blackmore has not he, of all my ways Turner seems to me the best singer Hard Rock / AOR forever, Ventura lets you some issues that remain in handy.

In short, if you love the sound of the Rainbow, Deep Purple, Kansas, Whitesnake, Baron Rojo, Medina Azahara, Uli John Roth, Axel Rudi Pell and career Turner solo and with collaborations this is your disk, there will invent anything, but it is a luxury product for incurable clasics.

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