Ashes of Angels

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Band Name Aosoth
Album Name Ashes of Angels
Type Album
Data de aparición 2009
Estilo MusicalBlack Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum65


1. Songs Without Lungs 03:20
2. Ashes of Angels 04:32
3. Path of Twisted Light 05:46
4. Embrace and Enlightenment 03:51
5. Teaching/Erasing 04:36
6. Summon the Dead 04:37
7. Cries Out of Heaven 05:28
8. Communion Through Pain 04:18
9. Banished 04:57
10. Inner War (Antaeus Cover) 04:10
Total playing time 45:37

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Crónica @ hack

13 Noviembre 2009
This is the second album from this French black metal quartet. They are from Ile-De-France, which is an eastern suburb of Paris. According to, Aosoth is the name of a female demon. An occult website describes this demon as a dark female force in the pantheon of 9 angles. The firewolf, sole child of the demoness Atazoh and angel of venus. 3rd in command to the fire god, Eitan Flerous(phire demon).

This album has a rare musical feature, that I really like. It's called suspension. Where a note is suspended in play for an emphatic effect. It occurs mostly with the vocals, but occasionally with the bass. It's used sparingly, probably to avoid cheapening the effect. I'll point these out, as I move along with this review.

Vocalist Akm has a very grim voice like Morten, of Gehenna(Norway). But he screams and yells his vocals more similarly to the style of Ibliss (ex-Endstille). He uses the suspension technique that is very prevalent in the Endstille vocals. The guitars usually play with a very grim high note grinding style, that is like that of Malefic (Xasthur). With very intricate and hypnotic licks. The bass playing is more dynamic and drives the guitar playing out of the graveyard. It makes the music sound more like Endstille or Gorgoroth. The drums are very fast and good. But they aren't too flashy and do not distract the attention from the grim mood of the stringed instruments. The songs are well written and structered. They are uncompromisingly grim and dark.

The first track, Songs Without Lungs, sounds like Endstille with dark thrashing, and melodic rhythm guitar playing. Ashes of Angels rocks out pretty good, with a rhythm sounding similar to the Panzerchrist song, Der Panzertoter. Though the song is much less intricate and a lot darker. Path Of Twisted light reminds me of the Gehenna song New Blood done in the style of Xasthur(USA). It starts off with a creepy guitar melody, then is joined with the grim vocal style of malefic(Xasthur USA). Toward the middle of the song, you can hear the suspended notes of the bass playing, that sound almost warped. Teaching-Erasing is a very grim and dark song that also sounds like the style of Xasthur. The song Banished sounds like endstille, especially with the vocal suspension of notes. But then midway through the song, the music sounds more like Gorgoroth. The last song on the album is an antaeus cover called Inner War. It sounds more lively than any other song on the album. It sounds a lot like Gorgoroth. I've picked out the live video for this song, because it was the only video available , that was on this album.

If you like creepy black metal, then you'll probably like this album. It's like Endstille, Xasthur, and Gorgoroth.

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hack - 18 Marzo 2010: Okay, I just got that impression from the view on Google Earth.
Crinn - 01 Marzo 2012: I knew instantly that they had something to do with the order of nine angels because the ONA is on the album cover xP
hack - 12 Mayo 2012: Ha ha! I just reread this review that I wrote 2 and a half years ago. This was one of my very first review requests, I would have written it differently today. That's a cool coincidence that it was written on Friday, the 13th.
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