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Band Name Darkest Hour
Album Name Archives
Type Compilation
Data de aparición 03 Octubre 2006
Labels A-F Records
Estilo MusicalMetalcore
Miembros poseen este álbum14


1. The Choir of the Prophecy Fulfilled 05:18
2. Reflections in Ruin 03:49
3. Broken Wings (Pt.1) 03:22
4. This Side of the Nightmare 04:09
5. This Curse 06:45
6. Coda XIII 05:03
7. This Side of the Nightmare (Alternate Version) 03:30
8. Reflections of Ruin (Alternate Version) 03:51
9. This Curse (Alternate Version) 06:23
10. Faith Like Suicide 06:19
11. Vise 05:28
12. Looking Forward (to the End) 03:42
13. The Misanthrope 04:14
14. Fathom 05:34
15. Keepsake 23 06:15
16. Crossroads 03:48
Total playing time 1:17:36

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Comentario @ Scared

15 Octubre 2011

Old style Darkest Hour

This is a compilation of Darkest Hours first two releases ( The Misanthrope and prophecy fulfilled). So lets start on the prophecy fulfilled. The prophecy fulfilled was a 6 track EP. This features fast paced guitars, drums and old style John Henry vocals.

The first two tracks are fast paced and have a very good melody to them, vocals are very under matured to what John Henry sounds like today but overall very good. But the you come to broken wings, this song is an all acoustic and no vocal what so ever. I find it very relaxing but other people might think differently. Then we come into This curse and This Side Of The Nightmare, these songs are slower paced than the first two track but are still very good. They still have got a good melody to them. Then we come to Coda XIII this is probably the dullest song in this album. No guitars vocals bass or drums, just the sort of repetitive sounds made on a keyboard, but oh well.

Now onto the alternate versions in the album, these are better than the original versions of the songs. Especially Reflection of ruin as Ryan Parrish features in the song.

On The Misanthrope its a more slow paced one guitar songs so it is much easier to pick out the bass line. The first song featured is not the best but once into the song it improves a lot. The rest of the album is slow paced especially vise and looking forward (to the end). Onto the last track of the album Crossroads, this is probably my favorite song on this CD as it is has a very fast introduction but then suddenly slows down which I like very much.

So altogether this is a very good compilation. 17/20.

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