American Capitalist

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Band Name Five Finger Death Punch
Album Name American Capitalist
Type Album
Data de aparición 11 Octubre 2011
Producido por Kevin Churko
Estilo MusicalMetalcore
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1. American Capitalist 03:28
2. Under and Over It 03:51
3. The Pride 03:23
4. Coming Down 04:01
5. Menace 03:31
6. Generation Dead 03:43
7. Back for More 03:22
8. Remember Everything 04:38
9. Wicked Ways 03:07
10. If I Fall 03:56
11. 100 Ways to Hate 03:21
12. Under and Over It (Remix) 03:56
13. The Pride (Remix) 03:24
14. Remember Everything (Remix) 04:55
15. 100 Ways to Hate (Remix) 03:09
Bonustracks ( Deluxe Edition)
12. Under and Over It (Remix) 03:56
13. The Pride (Remix) 03:24
14. Remember Everything (Remix) 04:50
15. 100 Ways to Hate (Remix) 03:11
16. The Tragic Truth 03:55
17. Under and Over It (Music Video) 04:04
Total playing time 55:45

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Crónica @ GRRINDhouse

27 Agosto 2014

A debatable album

In 2011 Five Finger Death Punch started working on their 3rd album, and with 2 very successful albums already under their belt it puts a lot of pressure on their 3rd album American Capitalist. I went on and on about their first two albums and how great they were, and honestly I like this album, but not many others did. This album got mixed reviews some critics said it was bland, a step backwards, and just seemed like a half-assed album. This is probably due to the fact that after War Is the Answer, fans expected 5FDP to go even further and make an album that was even more brutal. Sorry to say that this album is not better than War Is the Answer, but that does not make it bad.

The first 3 tracks of this album are AWESOME tracks. 'Under and Over' It specifically, got a lot of positive attention. Ivan Moody still has his talent for writing pissed off lyrics that you just love to hear in his songs, "Do I care if you hate me, do you want to know the truth? CÉST LA VIE, ADIOS, GOOD RIDDANCE, FUCK YOU!!!"
This album also has 'Remember Everything', and 'Coming Down' as two very depressing tracks that once again highlight Five Finger Death Punch's talent. One focuses on the issue of teenage suicide, while the other focuses on the person that overall just lived a horrible life all around, and yes there are a lot of people like that out there. You can really sink your teeth into most tracks on this album; that is except for two. 'If I Fall' and 'Wicked Ways' kind of fall short, they sound good but the lyrics are pretty generic and uninventive and that is not what people expect from 5FDP. This probably contributes to the albums criticism, people wanted more tracks like 'Under and Over It' and less tracks like those two in this album. For the most part though, the album for me personally is really good, 100 Ways to Hate is one of my favorite tracks on this album, and Back for More is the best workout song I have ever heard (Even better than Hatebreed's Live For This).

American Capitalist does not sound that bad, so then why is it considered the bands downfall by some fans. I think once again it's because of the hype the album was leading up to (The same if not better than War Is the Answer) and the album did not quite reach that goal. But the album still was a big hit for me and although 5FDP lost some fans with this album, they also gained some fans with this album. For those of you that were expecting something insanely brutal and REALLY fucking heavy you might want to give this album a pass if it bothers you that much. But if you are a fan of 5FDP fan or even if you are just being introduced to 5FDP I would say go ahead and buy the album, you probably won't be disappointed.

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